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Tata Tele Business Services offers Smartflo Cloud Solution to Fastinfo

To Enhance Customer Service Capabilities with Scalable and Secure Communication Solutions

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), one of India’s leading B2B enabler of digital connectivity and cloud solutions has extended its advanced cloud communication suite- Smartflo to Fastinfo’, an online legal service provider in India. Fastinfo has integrated Smartflo platform to transform its customer service operations and enhance client satisfaction.

Fastinfo specializes in offering comprehensive online support for filing RTI applications and assisting clients in registering legal complaints against entities for various malpractices. The company is committed to helping petitioners achieve favourable resolutions and just compensation from entities that have mistreated them. In addition to legal services, Fastinfo provides a range of business solutions including GST registration, company registration, trademark registration, and more.

Before adopting Smartflo, Fastinfo faced several challenges with its existing contact centre infrastructure. Agents struggled with manual processes, lacked integration with their CRM database, and encountered limitations in call routing and monitoring. Recognizing the need for a scalable and efficient solution, Fastinfo turned to TTBS and deployed Smartflo to streamline its operations. Smartflo’s seamless integration capabilities and feature-rich functionalities have significantly transformed Fastinfo’s customer service processes. The cloud-based solution enables agents to access updated customer information directly from the CRM database during calls, leading to faster query resolution and improved client interactions. Furthermore, Smartflo’s automatic dialer and click-to-call feature have eliminated errors associated with manual dialing, enhancing overall efficiency.

Mr. Aditya Kinra, Vice President, Tata Teleservices said, “Smartflo platform assists businesses in reimagining their operating models with its smart, flexible, secure, and reliable suite of cloud-based communication solutions. As businesses are digitalising their operations to become future -ready,  they are leveraging technology at the core, bringing multiple devices, platforms, and channels into play. Our aim was to configure Smartflo with bespoke settings that Fastinfo needed to improve their customer experience, ensuring digital connectivity and productivity at all times.”


Mr. Raushan Kumar, Team Leader – IT,  Fastinfo said, TTBS Smartflo’s quick deployment helped our agents to manage calls more effectively. Smartflo offers call recordings and easy analytics. Since this is cloud based and scalable, there’s a complete flexibility to our employees to work from anywhere and yet ensure uninterrupted business operations. With this enterprise grade solution, we are also able to improve productivity of our calling processes. Smartflo not only resolved our prevailing challenges but also enhanced our customer experience.”

TTBS’s Smartflo solution comes with a host of benefits like:

  • Seamless Integration: Smartflo seamlessly integrates with Fastinfo’s CRM software, ensuring access to real-time customer data during calls.
  • Remote Work Flexibility: Agents can work remotely from anywhere in India, enhancing workforce productivity and flexibility.
  • Comprehensive Call Monitoring: Smartflo provides comprehensive call monitoring and performance analysis tools for supervisors, enabling better oversight and decision-making.
  • Scalability: The solution is scalable, allowing Fastinfo to accommodate growing business needs with ease.
  • Robust Security: Smartflo offers robust security features including multifactor authentication and 128-bit encryption to safeguard sensitive communications.
  • Improved Agent Productivity: CRM integration with the calling platform improves agent productivity by providing quick access to customer information.
  • Detailed Call Analysis: Call detail records enable subjective analysis of agent productivity and performance.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Automatic transfer of calls to appropriate resources improves the customer experience by reducing wait times and ensuring queries are handled efficiently.
  • Reliable Uptime: Smartflo guarantees reliable uptime of 99.5% with an end-to-end SLA, ensuring uninterrupted service for Fastinfo and its clients.
  • Remote Work Flexibility: Secure cloud communication from any device enables remote work flexibility, further enhancing workforce productivity and adaptability.

About Tata Teleservices 

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