Empowering Global Governance: The Mission and Impact of Directors’ Institute

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Zeeshaan Pathan, Group MD and CEO, World Development Corporation & Leader at Director’s Institute

  1. As a leader at the Directors Institute, you play a pivotal role in training professionals to become globally competent board directors. Could you elaborate on the institute’s mission and how it empowers individuals to excel in leadership roles on advisory boards?

Ans: With the certification and degree programs, DIrectors’ Institute – World COuncil of Directors, does not only train for advisory board roles but for a board position in any capacity. Whether its Executive or Non-Executive Directorship, the participants are refined from all the angles. The overall mission is to enhance the corporate governance of various geographies by creating an internationally competent pool of experts who can lead the corporations towards larger economic development of the region.

Directors’ Institute’s vision is to have the highest form of corporate governance that establishes trust in the financial system, curb down financial debacles and contribute to the economic development of the countries wherever the Directors’ Institute’s Community Members work globally.

  1. The Directors Institute offers a UK Accredited Certificate in Leadership & Advisory Board, recognized for its excellence in grooming effective board directors. How does this certification program distinguish itself in the realm of leadership development, and what value does it bring to aspiring board directors?

Ans: Certifications of Directors’ Institute are CPDSO, UK accredited. In developed nations a concept of Continuous Professional Development is cherished to make sure that the continuous learning at all stages is adhered to. Our Doctorate Degree in International Corporate Degree is recognised internationally and is the highest form of education level that anyone can achieve. Its and EQF 8 level qualification and we are proud to say that its the easiest form of Doctorate that you can do in the world.

  1. Your involvement with the World Council of Directors underscores your commitment to advancing global governance standards. How does the Directors Institute contribute to this mission by equipping directors with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate complex governance challenges effectively?

Ans:Directors’ Institute trains the professionals in top skills required to deliver on the board which includes international corporate governance, ESG and technology. This enables senior leaders to hone their skills on practical application of knowledge. Furthermore, there are tools that equip the professionals for real life implementation of knowledge. You need to be updated on a regular basis, the same is rendered through the newsletters on the website of Directors’ Institute to consume.

  1. Given your extensive experience in various industries, including banking and technology, how does the Directors Institute tailor its training programs to address the diverse needs and challenges faced by professionals aspiring to serve on advisory boards across different sectors?

Ans:Well, the common thread on the boards is Corporate governance. Every professional is unique with exclusive talent hence the diversity is what the boards appreciate these days. The boards of different industries appreciate the external perspective from outside the industry. Hence, it’s all about channelising the candidature through training programs. We have ESG programs especially for various industries that trains them on sustainability as per the requirements of the global standards like GRI, TCFD, SASB, etc.

  1. As someone who has benefited from leadership development initiatives throughout your career, how do you see the Directors Institute shaping the future landscape of corporate governance, particularly in terms of fostering diversity, inclusivity, and ethical leadership practices among board directors?

Ans:Once you get on the journey to becoming a leader, you need to sustain the position and hence continuous Learning is mandatory for any leader to retain the position of being  leader. Stagnant mindset becomes obsolete and hence we find that many board members have become redundant on the boards as they do not even prepare for the board meetings. Hence shaping leadership requires regular version upgrades so that you can speak the language that the organizations and new generations leading the companies understand. Incompetencies at the board level leads to  delayed decisions that can create examples of vanished companies like blackberry, ToysRus, etc.  Furthermore, the directors must consider this as a responsible role not just for personal benefits but for the interests they represent on the boards. All the stakeholders must benefit and shall get benefitted by the organization’s activities. This requires a mindset shift. So, we need senior leaders to not just see Directors’ Institute as a pathway to their board career but as a source of enlightenment that leads to betterment of the world at large.