How Architectural College of Aditya is redefining the paradigms for Architecture Education

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interactin with AR Jamshid Bhiwandiwalla, Principal, Aditya College of Architecture.


Could you elaborate on the architecture program’s specialised tracks and concentrations?

Architecture program is an intense 5 year program with two stages, the first three year prepares a student for the profession while the remaining two years gives him the exposure equivalent to any master’s program. Addition to this at Aditya college of Architecture we have an Master’s Program in Project Management considering our Institutional resources which is one of the few Masters courses the city has to offer. To the extent that our first batch of pass outs of masters had four university toppers.

Further our Undergrad program is intense and diverse in pedagogy with a lot of value addition courses such as electives and college projects along with Co-curricular and extracurricular activities like seminar, workshops and ISR activities thereby giving our students an opportunity for wholistic development.


How is the curriculum for the architecture department infused with historical architectural styles and principles?

Ours is a 5000 year old civilization and our country is dotted with historic precincts, buildings,  remnants and artifacts and should we not know how to respond to the same would be very inappropriate. Hence our programs at Aditya college of Architecture include responding to the same right from the process of documenting heritage to interpreting the same by way of sensitive inserts in historic fabrics and we have intense studios addressing the same. Not to forget both Indian and European History of Architecture is an integral part of the curriculum along with Indian Knowledge Systems as projected in NEP 2020.


In light of the quickly evolving fields of technology and design, how does the architecture programme remain relevant?

Architecture is a integration of design and technology and can remain relevant only if it addresses the needs of the current times. Should you not be in sync with the design trends of the current times you shall be outdated and irrelevant, however with regards to technology there is no two ways of incorporating the same right from the idea of conceiving design to presentation by updating software skills and from construction to amenities to the consumer is completely a technology driven profession and at Aditya college of Architecture one learns to adopt to the new needs of the profession and its stakeholders.


Could you provide instances of how the programme changes to reflect new issues and trends in the architectural field?

Every decade has a theme relevant for the Architecture fraternity. The 60s saw the emergence of the Modern era, the 80s the idea of sustainability and they soon become buzz words for the profession to adopt and address. Presently at Aditya College of Architecture we are addressing the concerns of climate change and limited resources through resilience and believe me the Architecture profession takes these trends very seriously as they relevant and impact the life on earth as Architecture and construction activities is one of the largest sector impacting resources and environment.


How can architecture students transfer into the real world with the help of the college’s career support and guidance?

At Aditya College of Architecture not only do we get our students ready for the professional world outside whereby they become responsible citizens contributing to the GDP of the country through addressing the construction sector of the nation with the idea of innovation and design. We also inculcate a sense for research and higher studies thereby urging students to pursue higher goals in life through career counselling and placements.


Could you provide some inspiring tales of accomplished alumni and their post-architecture programme employment pathways?

Aditya college of Architecture is a 10 year old young institute with only 5 batches of pass outs however we have many an alumni who have made us proud either by working in responsible and senior posts in renowned architectural firms or have become young entrepreneurs themselves. We have also a large count of our Alumni abroad pursuing higher studies in relevant specialized courses which speaks volumes of the values inculcated by the institute.


How AI tools helps students to get ready for the changing landscape of the architecture industry?

AI is inevitable and its pros and cons can be seen in all fronts of life. The threat that AI shall replace certain professions particularly Architects is far fetched. However at Aditya college of Architecture we have seen students adopt AI and coding to help them have Architectural programs, forms and structures that till date were unimaginable. A very prominent trend of Parametrics has emerged so strongly that has taken the Architectural world by storm thanks to the role of AI and its consequences of coding. Man has the ability to adopt and portray his contribution on a number of fronts that technology has yet a long way to go should it have to compete with the human mind trained to design and innovate.