Revolutionizing Hospitality: The Role of Talking Robots in Mie.Roboluscious Restaurant

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Jishu Bansal, Founder of Mie.Roboluscious


Can you describe the role of technology in your restaurant’s operations, particularly in the implementation of talking robots?

Technology plays a pivotal role in our restaurant’s operations, particularly through the implementation of talking robots. These robots, Mishu and Mishi, are equipped with advanced AI capabilities similar to Alexa, allowing them to interact with customers, take orders, and even entertain guests. They streamline the dining experience by efficiently handling various tasks, including order processing and food service, while also enhancing customer engagement through personalized interactions. Through precise programming and coding, these robots seamlessly integrate into our restaurant’s workflow, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.


What inspired you to incorporate talking robots into your restaurant, and how do they enhance the dining experience for your customers?

The inspiration behind incorporating talking robots into our restaurant, Mie.Roboluscious, stemmed from our vision to revolutionize the dining experience and create unforgettable moments for our customers. We drew inspiration from the evolving landscape of automated kitchens in countries like Singapore and Japan, recognizing the potential to introduce this cutting-edge concept to India.

By leveraging advanced technology and innovative cuisine, we sought to offer a dining experience where “technology meets flavor in the most delicious way.” The introduction of Mishu and Mishi, our talking robots, embodies this vision perfectly. These robots not only serve meals efficiently but also engage with customers on a personal level, adding an interactive and entertaining element to their dining experience.

Mishu and Mishi are more than just servers; they are companions who interact with customers, answer queries, and even participate in special occasions like birthday celebrations. Their presence elevates the ambiance of our restaurant, making it a truly immersive and memorable environment for all our patrons.

Incorporating these talking robots allows us to differentiate ourselves from traditional restaurants and create a unique atmosphere where technology enhances the overall dining experience. Whether it’s sparking curiosity in children or simply adding a touch of novelty for adults, Mishu and Mishi contribute significantly to the joy and satisfaction of our customers, leaving a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more.

How do the interactive robots at Mie.Roboluscious engage with diners, and what technological advancements facilitate their capabilities?

Mie.Roboluscious prides itself on the seamless interaction between patrons and its charming robotic duo, Mishu and Mishi. These robots are equipped with state-of-the-art technology reminiscent of advanced virtual assistants like Alexa, empowering them to undertake a variety of tasks, from taking orders and serving food to entertaining guests.

As the flagship talking robot restaurant in India, Mie.Roboluscious offers a unique experience where patrons can effortlessly engage with Mishu and Mishi by simply uttering the keyword ‘echo,’ initiating queries such as, “echo, what’s on the weekly special menu?” The robots promptly respond, ensuring a smooth and informative interaction.

For special occasions like birthdays, Mishu and Mishi take center stage, surprising celebrants with a personalized cake presentation accompanied by cheerful renditions of birthday songs, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Powered by semi-AI technology, these robots exhibit remarkable proficiency in food service, minimizing spillage and ensuring precision in their tasks. Equipped with sophisticated sensors, they navigate the restaurant with ease, politely requesting patrons to make way if obstructing their path, thus maintaining a seamless and enjoyable dining environment.


Could you outline the investment process involved in introducing this technological innovation into your establishment?

Certainly! The investment process for introducing our technological innovation, Mie.Roboluscious was meticulously planned and executed. Initially, we self-funded the project, allocating approximately Rs.1-1.25 Crores to establish the restaurant from scratch. This initial investment covered essential expenses such as infrastructure setup, equipment procurement, and technology integration.

Subsequently, we adopted a proactive approach by continuously reinvesting in the venture at fixed intervals. These subsequent investments were strategically allocated to address evolving needs, implement necessary changes, and enhance overall operations. Whether it was upgrading our robotic systems, enhancing software capabilities, or refining customer experiences, each investment was aimed at ensuring the sustainability and growth of Mie.Roboluscious.

Our commitment to ongoing investment reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation and delivering unparalleled dining experiences to our patrons. Through this iterative investment process, we strive to continuously elevate Mie.Roboluscious and set new benchmarks in the culinary landscape.


Can you describe the process involved in designing and constructing the robots employed at your restaurant, along with any distinctive attributes that distinguish them from others?

Entering the realm of modernity, the surge of AI technology has become increasingly prominent. Our robots are meticulously crafted to not only serve customers but also entertain them with a design reminiscent of dancing dolls. Their tray-like hands adeptly deliver food to patrons, ensuring both efficiency and charm in service.

What truly sets them apart, however, is their integration of an Alexa-like feature. This allows our robots to function seamlessly, responding to commands and engaging customers with entertainment. This blend of innovative design and cutting-edge technology ensures a dining experience that is both memorable and thoroughly enjoyable.

How have customers responded to the introduction of talking robots, and what feedback have you received regarding their experience?

Since the introduction of our talking robots, the response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only are they intrigued by the novelty of interacting with robots, but they also thoroughly enjoy the unique ambiance we’ve curated. Our blend of traditional aesthetics with modern artwork has captivated their attention and enriched their dining experience.

Feedback regarding their experience with the robots has been consistently favorable. Customers often express fascination and delight at the seamless integration of technology into their dining experience. Many commend the robots for their efficiency and entertainment value, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

Moreover, customers appreciate the personalized interactions facilitated by the robots, which add a touch of novelty and fun to their visit. They often share their memorable experiences on social media platforms, further spreading the word about our innovative approach to hospitality.

Overall, the introduction of talking robots has not only met but exceeded our customers’ expectations, contributing to the unique charm and allure of our establishment.


In what ways has technology contributed to the overall efficiency and productivity of your restaurant staff?

Technology has significantly contributed to the overall efficiency and productivity of our restaurant staff by streamlining various operational processes and enhancing customer service capabilities. The implementation of talking robots has automated routine tasks such as order taking and food delivery, allowing our staff to focus on more value-added activities such as engaging with customers and ensuring their satisfaction. With the assistance of technology, our restaurant staff can manage peak dining periods more effectively, minimizing wait times and maximizing table turnover. Furthermore, technology-enabled solutions such as online reservations and digital menu boards have simplified administrative tasks and improved communication both internally among staff members and externally with customers.


What measures have you taken to ensure the seamless interaction between customers and the talking robots, both in terms of technology and customer service training?

To ensure seamless interaction between customers and our talking robots, we’ve implemented a two-pronged approach focusing on both technology and customer service training.

Technologically, we have a dedicated and specialized team tasked with ensuring the proper functioning, maintenance, and smooth operation of our robots. Any technical issues are promptly addressed within 24 hours, ensuring customers never miss the excitement of being served by our robots.

In terms of customer service training, we prioritize thorough training for our staff on the functions, features, operations, and management of the robots. Only after completing this training our staff members entrusted with managing the robots, guaranteeing they are equipped to handle any customer interactions effectively and efficiently.

By combining robust technological infrastructure with comprehensive staff training, we ensure that every interaction between customers and our talking robots is not only seamless but also engaging and memorable.


Have you encountered any unexpected benefits or drawbacks since introducing talking robots to your restaurant, and if so, how have you addressed them?

Since introducing talking robots to our restaurant, we have experienced several unexpected benefits, such as increased customer engagement and loyalty. The presence of robots as servers has generated excitement and curiosity among patrons, driving foot traffic and attracting new customers to our establishment. Additionally, the novelty of interacting with talking robots has created memorable dining experiences for our customers, leading to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and online reviews. However, we have also encountered some drawbacks, such as technical glitches and maintenance issues that required prompt resolution to minimise disruptions to our operations. Despite these challenges, we have addressed them proactively through continuous monitoring and improvement of our technology infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for our patrons.


What are your future plans for expansion or your vision for a technology-driven future?

As we look ahead, the Mie.Roboluscious team is strategically planning to extend our brand presence into new territories. Our vision involves establishing a franchise chain, with initial target cities including Chandigarh, Ayodhya, Lucknow, and various locations within the Delhi NCR region. The expansion process is structured to enable individuals interested in entrepreneurship to invest in our franchise model and oversee the establishment of new branches.

The investment required typically ranges between 70 to 80 Lakhs, covering franchise fees, architectural modifications, staffing, and other essential elements. The specific investment amount may vary based on the location and the necessary resources to establish a robust presence in the market.

Our overarching goal is to redefine the traditional dining experience by infusing it with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that customers enjoy an unparalleled and innovative dining experience. Additionally, we aim to continuously enhance our robotic technology, exploring opportunities to automate more tasks through AI integration, thus further enhancing the efficiency and appeal of our dining concept.