WSO2 excited to be a part of India’s digital transformation journey

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Sanjiva Weerawarana – Founder and CEO,WSO2


What was the motivation behind WSO2’s decision to expand into India?

WSO2 sees India as a high potential market. As the soon to be world’s 3rd largest economy, we see huge opportunities for a cutting edge software company like ours. We are in-region and are excited about India’s growth.

It was a strategic move to further enhance our ability to deliver service and support to our customers across all regions. It is aimed at complementing our team based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to support our global customer base. It will serve as a hub for fostering collaboration and synergy across our global teams. By facilitating cross-functional collaboration, knowledge sharing, and best practice exchange, we can leverage the collective expertise of our diverse workforce to deliver greater value to our customers worldwide.


How does WSO2 intend to strengthen its partnerships with Tech Mahindra and LTI Mindtree to broaden its customer base in India and the Asia Pacific region?

By fostering closer alignment with Tech Mahindra and LTI Mindtree, we want to offer comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of customers in areas such as digital transformation, cloud adoption, and enterprise integration. This involves joint go-to-market initiatives, co-development of innovative offerings, and enhanced support and services to ensure seamless implementation and ongoing success for customers.

WSO2 also recognizes the importance of localized support and tailored solutions for businesses in India and the Asia Pacific region. And these partnerships can tap into their deep understanding of the local market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and cultural nuances, thereby enabling more personalized and impactful engagements with customers.


What kinds of products do you provide worldwide? Could you name some?

WSO2 is the largest independent software vendor providing open source API management, integration, and identity and access management (IAM) products. WSO2’s products and platforms—including our next-gen internal developer platform, Choreo—empower organizations to leverage the full potential of APIs for secure delivery of digital services and applications, enabling thousands of enterprises in over 90 countries globally to drive their digital transformation journeys. Our open-source, API-first approach frees organizations from vendor lock-in, enabling rapid digital product creation.


What is the nature of the work you are doing in India? Can you mention some customers you serve globally from the market?

We have several customers in India, especially in the government services and fintech space. For instance, the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH) is developing a SaaS platform, powered by WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Identity Server, for the Reserve Bank of India to assist with the lending process of banks across India.

Aditya Birla Finance Limited, Unique Identification Authority of India, UNICEF India, Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner (ORGI), and Federal Bank India are among some of our other customers in the country that use WSO2’s products in their digital transformation projects.

We are excited to be a part of India’s digital transformation journey and its emergence as a digital powerhouse globally. Our open source products are used by various government entities, and in India’s digital public infrastructure.

Our customer support team based in India provides support to primarily our customers in the region as well as some across the globe.


What are your hiring plans in India? Could you share some details about your business plans globally and also specifically for the Indian market?

We currently have around 10 employees and we plan to double this number by the end-2024 with plans to expand further in the coming year.


Could you elaborate on the role of WSO2’s next-gen internal developer platform, Choreo, in India? How do you foresee it transforming the API landscape for Indian developers and businesses?

We are focusing on gaining traction for Choreo via developer-adoption in India. As part of these efforts, we have been conducting (and this is ongoing) hands-on workshops and knowledge sharing sessions with customers and developer communities via our partner network. We have also carried out a series of workshops and programs across universities in India as well to build awareness and eventually increase adoption.


Considering the competitive landscape in India, what sets WSO2 apart from other API management and IAM solutions available in the market?

WSO2’s comprehensive integration capabilities, scalability, and adaptability to the Indian business environment, strong community and support ecosystem, and proven track record of success make it a standout choice for API management and IAM solutions in the competitive Indian market.

WSO2’s architecture is designed for scalability and high performance, ensuring reliable operation even under the most demanding workloads. This scalability is crucial for businesses in India, especially those experiencing rapid growth or handling large volumes of transactions.

We also see a push for open source software adoption by the public sector in India – for instance, in line with the Digital India initiative, our open source products are also used by a number of Indian government and public sector entities in their respective digital transformation initiatives


What significance does the acquisition by EQT hold for WSO2 and its stakeholders?

EQT’s acquisition will provide WSO2 with access to greater financial resources, enabling greater investments into R&D and pursuing strategic acquisitions. In terms of market expansion, EQT’s global presence and expertise could help WSO2 expand its market reach, enter into new markets and target new industry verticals.


How does the acquisition by EQT align with the strategic goals of WSO2? What are the key synergies you anticipate from this partnership?

EQT’s experience in scaling businesses could provide valuable strategic guidance to WSO2’s management team as well, helping WSO2 to capitalize on growth opportunities and execute its long-term vision more effectively.

EQT is the 3rd largest PE fund globally, has a large tech/software portfolio and with a big focus on Asia. I’m very excited about the new prospects this collaboration spells for WSO2.