Zalon’s SaaS Solutions: Elevating Salon Operations and Customer Service

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Ayush Ahuja, Co-Founder of Zalon


  1. How Zalon’s technology platform enhance operational efficiency for salon owners and service providers?

Zalon is the one-stop solution that brings together salon owners and service providers on one single digital platform. While salon owners get to choose from the wide spectrum of authentic service providers and brands, the providers can directly reach out to the salons. Being a transparent platform with genuine business owners, Zalon has already increased the operational efficiency manifold as stakeholders find everything under one umbrella saving time and money.


  1. Could you elaborate on the key tools and features within Zalon’s SaaS offerings that contribute to optimizing customer service in salons?

Zalon’s SaaS offerings allow salons to digitally manage the day-to-day operations of the salons. The Zalon app, available both on Android and iOS, can easily manage customers’ appointments/bookings and also manage the staff schedule which is very important in a manpower-intensive salon business. Customers are given an update and reminders about their appointments through push and email notifications. The platform also aids salons in expenditure tracking, order management, sales reporting & analytics.


  1. How does Zalon’s digital ecosystem aid in the management of staff and personnel for salon owners?

Zalon is a forerunner in digitalizing operations at salons. Staff management is a key area for every salon and Zalon makes management of staff duties and offs easy to track and analyze. This helps salons to match customer appointments as per the staff strength and vice-versa. A huge amount of man-hours are saved with the use of Zalon for staff management in salons, which was earlier handled manually.


  1. How Zalon’s push notification system is utilized to enhance communication between salons and their customers?

Zalon has played a major role in upping customer interaction. With Zalon, the salons are continuously engaged with customers through push notifications and email marketing. Whether it is offers/discounts, new trends, or even reminder messages, the push notifications help minimize the waste of time; both for the customer as well as the salon staff. Notifications have helped in the smooth working of salons, and have kept customer engagement at an all-time high.


  1. How Zalon’s comprehensive catalogue management feature simplifies the process of showcasing salon services and products?

We have introduced Catalog-As-A-Service wherein we have automated the catalog creation and workflows based on the Procurement appetite, Behavior, pricing, and Buying trends of the Salon.
This is to ensure the salon segmentation across different Tiers in the B2B industry.


  1. In what ways does Zalon facilitate payment digitalization and tracking, and how does this benefit the financial processes of salon owners?

As a one-stop digital platform for salons, Zalon has helped salon owners in more ways than one. It has seamlessly integrated all areas of salon functioning, including streamlining the payment process between salon owners and other brands and service providers. Being a digital platform, Zalon is the first to make the payment system transparent in the salon business where payments can be easily tracked. Zalon also provides credit options to salons with a good payment track record.


  1. Zalon aims to be a Global SaaS provider for the salon industry by 2024. What steps is the company taking to achieve this ambitious goal?

Zalon, being a market leader in digitalizing salon operations, has the most robust SaaS offering for the salon industry. The Zalon app has successfully brought together salons, brands, tools, and equipment providers to one digital platform. Facilities like end-to-end salon management, on-time delivery of products, sales reporting and analytics, expenditure tracking, and credit options have changed the salon ecosystem, making it more futuristic.


  1. How does Zalon’s platform contribute to the growth and development of individual salon professionals within the industry?

Zalon has revolutionized the salon business with its digital innovations. To begin with, Zalon has for the first time organized the salon business with its SaaS offerings. Salon owners now do not have to run after brands and face the tough challenge of procuring authentic products. Zalon with its over 70 brands and 10 retailers is an open marketplace right at the fingertips of salons. Zalon allows end-to-end management of salons and continuous customer interaction through its app; all these are a boon for salon owners and have increased both their efficiency and monetary growth.


  1. What challenges or opportunities do you see in the intersection of technology and the salon industry, and how is Zalon positioned to address them?

Smart procurement and cutting down on the operational hazards which is a complicated distribution ecosystem is of utter importance for a Salon owner to get products in a streamlined way rather than getting on grounds of product procurement. We have a mobile-first B2B application that enables a Salon owner to bulk buy products supporting them with ease of administration and management. With a data-driven approach, we notify the Salon for better deals through us with global trends in the market.


  1. With founders being young visionaries, how do their perspectives contribute to Zalon’s innovative approach in an industry that might not always be associated with cutting-edge technology?

All three Co-founders of Zalon are technology geeks and strongly believe in the immense power of technology. They all spent considerable time understanding the pain points in the so-far unorganized salon industry, and have since then tried to find solutions through technological enhancements. They have come a long way with over 600 salons already registered on Zalon along with over 70 well-known brands; and as they say, this is just the beginning.

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