Zeron: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Dynamics and Empowering Informed Decision-Making

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Sanket Sarkar – Founder of Zeron


1.  What sets Zeron apart in terms of streamlining complex cyber dynamics, and how does it empower businesses to make precise security decisions?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: Zeron is a pioneer in the realm of cyber risk posture management, offering a revolutionary AI-powered platform designed to streamline and exemplify cyber dynamics. Our Cyber Risk Posture Management (CRPM) platform serves as the linchpin, accelerating trust and establishing a single point of truth for cybersecurity.

At the heart of Zeron is the commitment to centralize and standardize cybersecurity data. This, in turn, empowers stakeholders by providing them with the necessary insights to make well-informed decisions. Our platform acts as a conduit, bridging the inherent gap between security experts and decision-makers.


2.    Could you provide insights into Zeron and its technological innovations?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: Zeron follows a ABCD based approach:

Attack Surface Automation: Zeron continuously monitors and analyses your organization’s attack surface, identifying potential vulnerabilities and weak points. Stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries with real-time insights into your exposure. Business Posture Assessment: Understand your organization’s overall cyber risk posture with Zeron’s business posture assessment. Gain clarity on your security strengths and areas that require improvement.Compliance Automation: Simplify compliance management with Zeron’s automated compliance mapping feature. Effortlessly align your cybersecurity practices with industry regulations and standards.

Defense Automation: Zeron’s defense automation evaluates internal risks and the effectiveness of your existing solutions. Enhance your defenses and optimize resource allocation for maximum protection. Additionally, Zeron also provides a Cloud Monitor module that helps organizations improve the Cloud Security posture by identifying the misconfigurations in their cloud infrastructure resources and providing proactive remediation steps.


3.    In what ways does Zeron distinguish itself from other cybersecurity companies?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: Zeron distinguishes itself from other cybersecurity companies through its core focus on enhancing trust and unification within the realm of cybersecurity. Our Cyber Risk Posture Management (CRPM) platform serves as a testament to this distinction. While many cybersecurity companies concentrate solely on providing tools and solutions, Zeron’s primary emphasis lies in bridging the gap between security experts and stakeholders. Our commitment to empowering businesses in taking informed cybersecurity decisions sets us apart.


4.  How has Zeron integrated various approaches and techniques to address security vulnerabilities in the workplace?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: Zeron employs a unique methodology to identify internal workplace hazards, leveraging its distinct capabilities. The platform assists organizations in undertaking key cybersecurity initiatives to mitigate these risks effectively. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s Cyber Literacy percentage, offering insights into the workforce’s understanding of cybersecurity. Zeron amalgamates various innovative approaches, utilizing advanced techniques to address security vulnerabilities in the workplace, ensuring a proactive and comprehensive response to potential threats.


5.    What repercussions has the data protection bill had on businesses and individuals?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: The data protection bill has significantly altered the landscape for businesses and individuals. It has necessitated a heightened focus on data privacy, increased accountability, and more stringent measures for data handling. At Zeron, we see this as an opportunity to reinforce the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and assist businesses in aligning with these new regulatory requirements.


6.      How is Zeron adapting to the ever-changing threat landscape in cybersecurity?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: Zeron’s agility is at the core of our response to the evolving threat landscape. We invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our team continuously monitors, assesses, and adapts our solutions to combat the latest cybersecurity challenges effectively.


7.    What are the latest cybersecurity threats in the technology industry?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: The technology industry is facing an array of threats, including ransomware attacks, supply chain vulnerabilities, sophisticated phishing attempts, and the exploitation of cloud services. Zeron remains vigilant and continuously updates our defense strategies to counter these evolving threats.


8.        How does Zeron’s unified security model guarantee comprehensive risk management throughout people and networks?

Mr. Sanket Sarkar: With the help of Zeron’s unified security model, we aim to provide organizations with:

>>Web-Wide Vigilance: Navigating Organization’s Cyber Risks

>>Seamless Integration resulting in Enhanced Defense

>>Navigating Regulations for Compliance Excellence

>>Quantified Cyber Insights for Empowering Informed Decision Making

With the above offerings, Zeron helps organizations take informed decisions based on their Cyber Risk Posture thus staying vigilant and achieving Cyber Resilience throughout people and networks.