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AI startup I’m Beside You partners with Gurugram-based CredoHire to revolutionize talent assessment

Specializing in AI communication intelligence tools, I’m Beside You has announced a strategic partnership with CredoHire, an innovative AI-driven talent assessment platform, marking a significant leap toward revolutionizing talent assessment in India through the capabilities of AI communication intelligence. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the way organizations evaluate and recruit talent, harnessing the combined strengths of both companies in AI and machine learning.


CredoHire, based out of Gurugram is known for its cutting-edge, bot-based interview technologies, will integrate I’m Beside You’s multimodal AI analysis tools to elevate its existing capabilities. The partnership will provide unprecedented actionable insights for hiring managers and recruiters and will facilitate highly contextualized video interviews, evaluated and verified with enhanced efficiency and precision.


I’m Beside You’s state-of-the-art technology finds extensive application in sectors like mental health, sales, and HR. By combining it with CredoHire’s platform, which is already adept at CV and JD parsing, automated scheduling, and proctored bot interviews, the partnership will empower companies to make data-driven hiring decisions like never before.


“Finding the right talent is a complex puzzle, and our partnership with I’m Beside You adds another powerful piece to complete the picture,” said Himanshu Kumar, Co-founder & CEO of CredoHire. “The integration of I’m Beside You’s AI tools will ensure that we not only speed up the hiring process but also make it more human-centric, aligning perfectly with our vision.”


Shozo Kamiya, CEO of I’m Beside You, echoed the sentiment: “We are thrilled to collaborate with CredoHire. Their innovative approach to talent assessment complements our technology. Together, we will set a new benchmark in the recruitment ecosystem.”


The partnership comes at a time when there is a need to promote a diverse workforce, and when entrusted solely to hiring managers, unconscious biases tend to manifest. Despite ongoing efforts to educate and raise awareness, these biases remain deeply ingrained and resistant to complete eradication. A strong belief exists that AI has the potential to play a significant role in this regard, particularly in the screening of applicants based on their skill sets rather than personal biases which has the capability to reduce biases associated with factors such as gender or compensation, which often obscure hiring decisions.


About I’m Beside You


Founded by Shozo Kamiya, I’m Beside You specializes in developing multimodal AI analysis tools designed to enhance the efficiency of various sectors, including sales and mental health. The company is gearing up for global expansion, especially into the United States.


About CredoHire


CredoHire is an AI co-pilot for talent assessment that employs Generative AI to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient hiring solution. Within 72 hours, the platform can integrate APIs to generate highly contextualized video interviews, which are then evaluated with actionable insights.

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