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ControlZ Sets New Benchmarks In The Renewed Smartphone Market: Targets 100 Crore Revenue In FY 23-24

ControlZ, a premium renewed smartphone brand is elated to announce a remarkable financial performance with the company generating a total revenue of INR 50 Crores in the last fiscal.


This unprecedented growth has shaped the company’s vision for the future as in the fiscal year 2023-24, ControlZ is eyeing revenue of INR 100 Crores, demonstrating its confidence in sustained growth and customer satisfaction.


Owing to its distinctive approach, exceptional customer service, and superior-quality smartphones that are as good as new, ControlZ has established itself as a disruptive player in the industry. Today it ranks among one of the leading players delivering premium smartphones at budget-friendly costs.


Illustrating a dedicated commitment to sustainability and quality, the company has successfully sold over 60,000 renewed phones to date, making a noteworthy impact in promoting mindful consumption.


The accomplishment also illustrates the rising preference of consumers for cost-effective and environmentally conscious options. To support its expansion initiatives and the soaring demand for renewed smartphones, the company is also investing significantly in growing its workforce and is pursuing hiring initiatives across all verticals with the key focus on the Engineering Department and planning to set up the R&D Team as well.


Sharing his delight at the commendable accomplishments and future ambitions of the company, Mr Yug Bhatia, the visionary Founder, and CEO of ControlZ, stated, “We are thrilled with the outstanding success of ControlZ in the ever-evolving landscape of renewed smartphones. Our firm commitment to sustainability and offering renewed smartphones of the highest quality has resonated with consumers. As we move forward, we remain devoted to exceeding customer expectations, extending our reach, and redefining industry benchmarks.’


By fortifying its talented workforce, the company aims to improve its operational abilities and offer exceptional Customer Experience. In line with its growth endeavors, ControlZ has chalked out an investment plan of $3 million for the next year. This considerable investment will be leveraged to strengthen research and development, boost infrastructure, and implement cutting-edge technologies that further augment the quality of renewed smartphones provided by the company.


ControlZ also envisions growing its operations to reach 60% capacity in renewing devices, a momentous objective in the coming two years. This ambitious expansion strategy will allow the company to restore about 3.6 lakh devices, contributing immensely to fostering sustainable practices within the industry.


Furthermore, the company doesn’t have any plans to foray into additional product categories and will continue to demonstrate its prowess in the domain of renewed smartphones. With a consistent focus and specialisation, ControlZ is poised to emerge as a global leader in offering a premium smartphone experience to budget-conscious buyers prolonging the duration of devices.


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About ControlZ

Founded in 2022 by Mr. Yug Bhatia, ControlZ is a game-changer in the smartphone industry. The startup specializes in the component-level renewal of pre-owned devices, providing consumers with an experience that’s As Good as New. Unlike other refurbished devices, ControlZ focuses on renewing both cosmetically and functionally, therefore increasing its life cycle and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of smartphone manufacturing, which is believed to be over 85-95% of a device’s annual carbon footprint.

With a commitment to sustainability, ControlZ promotes conscious consumption by making old devices like new ones and reducing the demand for new smartphones. Through their efforts, ControlZ aims to establish new benchmarks in sustainability and change the way the world thinks about smartphone consumption.

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