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eTrade channelizes AI-powered logistics and supply chain solutions to improve operational efficiency for its seller partners

Partners experience 25% -60% business growth through better demand prediction, fulfillment, and user experience


eTrade, India’s leading e-commerce aggregator has been empowering its seller partners through AI-powered logistics and supply chain solutions. The company capitalizes on various technology-enabled supply chain solutions that enable its partners to deliver 20,000 pin codes across India within 24-48 hours. These solutions have led to tangible long-term benefits for its seller partners.


India’s competitive e-commerce landscape constantly pushes customer expectations to new heights and challenges sellers to manage their supply chains more efficiently. Any supply chain slip-up may leave sellers with reduced demand visibility, under or over-replenishment of inventory, and a broken customer experience. eTrade addresses these issues through an AI-powered solution that analyzes a variety of factors, such as order volume, vendor lead time, and customer preferences to help sellers with SKU-level demand predictions. The predictive analysis helps partners plan their inventory to ensure a day’s delivery speed 70% of the time. In addition, seller partners can use eTrade-enabled inventory management tools for SKU-level scenario planning for better decision-making and healthy sell-through. All these changes eventually translate into better customer experience and help partners scale effectively.


“Sellers and e-commerce aggregators take months and years to build a strong brand connection and customer loyalty. Their core competence is maintaining this brand equity. However, super-efficient supply chain management is also mandatory to succeed in a competitive e-commerce landscape. Most brands lack these capabilities in-house; however, eTrade makes a difference through operational efficiency and better decision-making with the help of an AI-powered forecasting, inventory management, and placement solution. As a result, our partners experience 25-60% business growth within a short timeframe,” said eTrade Founder Anuj Bhatia.


eTrade has achieved a 2100 cr revenue in FY 2023 and is acknowledged as one of the leading e-commerce aggregators in the industry. The company facilitates 500 brands including Indian conglomerates such as Godrej, Havells, Royal Enfield, Studds, Drools as well as multinationals like Bosch, Karcher, Stanley Black & Decker, Phillips, Mars, and Royal Canine. The company strives to revolutionize the e-commerce landscape with its most effective retail, distribution, supply chain, and marketing strategies




About eTrade


eTrade, is vividly known as an AI-enabled e-commerce aggregator that is enabling domestic and global SMBs and blue-chip companies to expand their penetration across the e-commerce platforms in India. Utilizing its AI and ML-driven data intelligence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a strong distribution network, the company has successfully delivered a seamless platform to more than 500 brands to bolster online operations and improve market penetration. The organization presently oversees a sizable assortment of more than 4.0 million SKUs from important markets like Home, Auto, Lawn & Garden, Pets, Laptops, and Consumer Durables.


Based in Gurugram, the company operates offices and warehouses in major urban and semi-urban areas, boasting a cutting-edge facility spanning 22,000 square feet in Gurugram. With a steadfast commitment to recruiting top-tier talent and prioritizing employee satisfaction, the company continually enhances user experience and drives positive business results.