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Excelsoft, India’s B2B Edtech major, sees demand for AI-powered proctoring and assessment solutions from domestic and international clients

‘Ai-levate’, a dedicated vertical is set up for developing AI powered apps & services across assessment, proctoring and e-learning. 

  • In the last 1 year, the company’s AI-powered remote proctor has monitored over 1.4 lakh tests & assessments for clients in US, UK, Middle-East and India
  • Its AI-powered assessment tool has shown reduction of 40% in time for designing and generating online tests & assessments.
  • In next the 12 months, Excelsoft plans to integrate Gen AI for developing smart e-learning solutions
  • The firm expects AI driven products contributing 10 – 20% to the company’s top line.

As AI in education gains ground across the globe, Excelsoft Technologies, a pioneer technology solutions provider for education is seeing significant demand for its AI-powered remote proctoring and assessment tools. In 2023, the firm launched ‘Ai-levate’, a dedicated vertical to develop AI-powered apps & services and within 12 months, the firm’s AI proctor has already monitored close to 1.4 lakh tests & assessments for clients in India, US, UK and Middle-East. In the meanwhile, its AI-powered assessment tool, currently in its beta testing phase, has shown a reduction of 40% in time for designing and generating online tests & assessments. In the next 12 months, Excelsoft plans to integrate Gen AI for developing interactive & smart e-learning content. The firm expects AI driven products contributing 10 – 20% to the company’s top line.

Excelsoft’s AI-powered assessment solutions can develop adaptive and dynamic assessments that can be adjusted in real time based on an individual’s performance. It can identify areas where test takers will require additional support and adjust the difficulty level accordingly. For education institutions and organizations, AI brings in increased efficiency in assessment creation, accuracy, fairness and faster turnaround times in evaluation and grading. The assessment tool can generate questions for a range of assessments & examinations such as high-stakes examinations, competitive exams, skill-based assessments, pre-employment assessments, and promotional examinations.

In the meanwhile, the firm’s AI-powered remote proctoring solution can equip education institutions and organizations to seamlessly monitor exams remotely at scale and safeguard the integrity of examinations. It can perform real-time monitoring, conduct identity verification, analyze data and patterns to flag anomalies/malpractices, and enable real-time communication between the proctor and test-taker via text and audio chat for clarifying doubts.

The launch by Excelsoft comes at a time when India’s NTA (National Testing Agency) has raised the importance of AI in safeguarding exam integrity and earlier in May incorporated AI into their exam monitoring framework for competitive examinations like JEE, NEET, and CUET UG.

Commenting on the AI integration into their solutions, Adarsh Sudhindra, VP – Growth & Strategy, Excelsoft said, “With AI-powered solutions, we hope to significantly improve assessment and proctoring experience for both educators and learners. Our assessment and proctoring tools are SaaS-based, plug-play products that can be easily integrated by any stakeholder in the education and learning & development space. These AI-powered tools can adapt to diverse academic disciplines and corporate learning requirements. They bring in consistency, fairness & integrity in generating tests and proctoring exams, and increase teacher/trainer feedback time for personalized guidance.”

Excelsoft has been experimenting with AI, ML, and AR/VR technologies across its suite of products over the last 24 months. The firm is also building its Gen AI capabilities, experimenting with chat bots that will seamlessly be integrated with e-books to provide learners with dynamic, interactive, and informative experiences. These chatbots will supplement teachers and trainers, summarizing content, simplifying concepts and answering queries from students real-time. Over 200+ customers of Excelsoft across education and corporate L&D space, globally to benefit from Excelsoft’s AI-powered solutions.

Highlighting Excelsoft’s commitment to develop AI powered products, Mr. D Sudhanva, Founder & CEO of Excelsoft Technologies said, “ At Excelsoft, we are clear that AI will shape the future of education. We have built an exclusive vertical ‘Ai-levate’ to develop and launch AI-based edtech products. The AI-powered assessment and proctoring solution is the first of the many innovations that are to come from the Ai-levate stable. The AI division at Excelsoft will also develop governance frameworks for educators, policymakers, and organizations towards safe implementation of artificial intelligence in education & learning. Our aim is to ensure use of AI in education is ethical, responsible, sustainable, and has measurable learning outcomes.”

According to SkyQuest report, the global assessment services market is experiencing a profound transformation driven by advancements in technology and evolving educational and corporate needs and is projected to surge from USD 14.82 billion in 2023 to USD 31.08 billion by 2031. With its two decades of expertise, India’s Excelsoft has been a significant player in the market bringing industry-first tech products for tests and assessments. A whopping 30 million end-users and 60,000 educators world-wide have accessed and benefited from Excelsoft’s customized e-learning solutions till date. The company boasts of a track record of registering 1.8 billion+ online test submissions across sectors using its advanced online assessment tools.

About Excelsoft Technologies

Founded in 2000, Excelsoft is the flagship company of the Excel Group, serving as a pioneer in technology provision for the education and learning space. It offers a range of software products & services, including test prep and assessment, proctoring solutions and customized content solutions. Excelsoft caters to a diverse clientele, including schools, universities, healthcare institutions, corporations, and government agencies. Over the years, the company has served over 200 organizations and impacted 30 million end-users worldwide including UK, US, South-East Asia, Middle-East, India and 35+ countries