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HCLTech achieves the AWS Level 1 MSSP competency

HCLTech, a leading global technology company, has been certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). The certification underscores HCLTech’s expertise in providing robust, scalable and secure top-tier managed security services on the AWS platform to clients.

“We are deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance to protect customers’ data, bolster their security posture and safeguard AWS workloads through our team of skilled security experts. With this expertise, we are poised to venture into new markets, serve a broader clientele that prioritizes security in their AWS deployments and foster strategic partnerships to ensure our sustained excellence in the ever-evolving domain of cloud security,” said Prabhakar Appana, Senior Vice President and Head of AWS Business Unit, HCLTech.

HCLTech’s expertise in securing customers’ AWS environments is backed by its comprehensive suite of managed security services, which covers threat detection, incident response and vulnerability management. This ensures that organizations are well-guarded against emerging cyber threats and can detect and respond to security incidents in real-time, minimizing risks and potential damage to critical assets.

About HCLTech

HCLTech is a global technology company, home to more than 221,000 people across 60 countries, delivering industry-leading capabilities centered around digital, engineering, cloud and AI, powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products. We work with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services. Consolidated revenues as of 12 months ending September 2023 totaled $12.9 billion. To learn how we can supercharge progress for you, visit