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Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) Quadrupled Annualised Gross Revenue, Demonstrating Strong Unit Economics and Surpasses ₹2,500 Crore Milestone

  • Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) has witnessed fourfold growth in annualised gross revenue over the last 12 months, surpassing the ₹2,500 crore milestone
  • Hike’s RGU has been operationally profitable since October 2022
  • RGU demonstrates strong Unit Economics with 65%+ Gross Margins and 3-4 Months Payback Period
  • RGU’s ‘Free to Play, Win to Earn’ concept is transforming casual gaming into a genuine income source for players


Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU), a casual skilled-based gaming platform has soared to new heights clocking a fourfold increase in annualised gross revenue over the past 12 months. A milestone for the company, it has successfully crossed the ₹2,500 crore mark in just 24 months since the launch of the Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) in March 2021.


The rapid growth is driven by strong unit economics with impressive gross margins of over 65%+ and a rapid payback period of 3-4 months.



Disrupting the casual gaming industry with the introduction of the ‘Free to Play, Win to Earn’ concept, Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) platform is transforming gaming into a genuine income source for players across the country. The concept has not only empowered players but has also reshaped the perception of casual gaming.


As Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) continues to grow, it’s on track to pay out over $308 million (₹2,500 crore) in winnings to its dedicated players this year. This figure showcases the substantial economic opportunities that RGU offers to its growing community, reinforcing its position as a catalyst for financial independence.


Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) continues to thrive with its strong unit economics, including impressive margins and a rapid payback period, further bolstered by being operationally profitable since October 2022.


Kavin Bharti Mittal, Hike’s Founder & CEO, said, “Gaming can become a new source of economic opportunity. It’s incredible to see this come to life. Yet, we’re so early in this journey. India has the potential to lead the world in this new wave. Hike’s exponential growth in the past year is a testament to what RGU has to offer, creating an environment where gaming transcends mere entertainment and drives true impact.”


As Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) continues its trajectory of remarkable growth and success, the company remains committed to enhancing the gaming experience for its dedicated user base. Through continuous innovation and further development of RGU, Hike will continue to transform the casual gaming landscape and provide unparalleled opportunities for players to unlock their earning potential.


About Hike:


Hike is building Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) – a new mobile-only virtual gaming world operating on a “Free to Play, Win to Earn” model. RGU is building for a new era of gaming, one where players will participate in a new kind of game economy where they are also owners of the networks and economies they help create. Hike’s investors include JumpCrypto, Tribe Capital, Republic, Polygon, Tiger Global, Tencent, and individuals such as Rajeev Misra, Arjun Sethi, Aditya Agarwal, Elad Gil, and Mark Pincus.


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