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Indeed Survey Uncovers Generational Divide on Political Talk at Indian Workplaces Ahead of 2024 Election Results

~Younger Generations More Open to Cross-Partisan Workplace Interactions. Employers Aim to Maintain Neutrality~

 Ahead of India’s general election results, a new study by Indeed reveals a stark generational split in attitudes toward political discussions at workplaces nationwide. The comprehensive survey of 2,631 employees and 1,266 employers captured perspectives across age groups, regions, and industries.

The findings indicate India’s youngest employees, Gen Z (born 1997-2012), are most eager to engage in cross-partisan discourse. A full 64% of Gen Z respondents report actively participating in political conversations at their workplaces, compared to just 54% of Gen Xers and 55% of Baby Boomers.

What’s more, Gen Z (46%) and Millennial (65%) workers say they are comfortable working alongside colleagues with opposing political views at far higher rates than Gen X (38%) and Baby Boomers (38%).

“India’s vibrant young workforce is ushering in a new era of open discourse and diversity of thought,” said Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed India. “As digitally-native Gen Z brings fresh perspectives, employers must be proactive in shaping an inclusive culture that constructively channels this energy.”

Navigating the heated environment

A striking 82% of employees described the overall office atmosphere surrounding these discussions as “heated and divided.” More than half (56%) confessed to feeling discomfort during such conversations, suggesting potential strains on employee wellbeing and workplace cohesion.

To maintain a respectful environment, many companies are striving for neutrality (44%) and establishing clear codes of conduct (34%). At the same time, a substantial 43% are encouraging open but bounded dialogue between employees with differing views.

A matter of setting and leadership

Employees report these sensitive discussions often take place during informal workplace gatherings (14%), on social media (14%), and over lunch breaks (11%) – rather than official meetings.

Interestingly, while nearly half (49%) of employers expressed concerns about stereotyping or prejudiced behaviors stemming from political talk, over one-third (34%) of workers say their sense of support is not significantly impacted by their leader’s political leanings. This points to employees’ nuanced ability to separate partisan differences from organizational goals and leadership competency.


This survey was conducted by Valuvox on behalf of Indeed among 1,266 employers and 2,631 employees from March to April 2024. The employee respondents for our study varied across demographics, namely city (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune),  gender (male, female, others), age group (baby boomer, Gen X, millennial, Gen Z), and sectors Automobile, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Hospitality, BFSI,      Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Durables,              E-commerce, FMCG, Healthcare & Pharma, IT/ITeS, Logistics).

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