Press Release

KGeN Educates & Empowers Next Gen Gamers through Innovative Gaming Technology

Kratos Gaming Network (KGeN), a leading community driven web3 platform, hosted an exciting meet up in Delhi to educate and empower the new generation of gamers about Web3 gaming and its associated benefits including income opportunities and alternate careers.

The event attracted around 100+ enthusiastic students, average age ranging around 21, who were eager to learn about this technology given that blockchain is the future. The aim was to share the potential from the space as a viable career path. The highlight of the event was the interaction with a 21 year old Amritansh who hails from Patna, a leaderboard legend, with big dreams. He shared his experience and stated that though hailing from a humble background, he is on the path to fulfil his aspirations. With substantial earnings from KGeN, merely by playing games, he has become financially independent and has managed his expenses in Delhi solely through his blockchain gaming earnings, showing his resourcefulness.

Similarly, another leaderboard legend, Shivam Gupta, who had recently graduated started his journey with KGeN and as he delved deeper into the world of blockchain games he had started bearing the fruits of his labor. With his first earning by playing blockchain games, Shivam chose to honor his parents, a gesture of gratitude for their unwavering support throughout his journey. As the tide of success continued to rise, he indulged in a small luxury, treating himself to an iPhone as a symbol of his hard-earned success.

He amongst similar others shared their experiences and talked about how they harnessed web3 gaming as an alternate income option. Through these events like gamer meetups, KGeN aims to educate young people about blockchain gaming’s potential for careers, income, personal growth or just simply, a side hustle everyone aspires for these days. They will carry out college competitions and discussions with experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to explore the future of gaming and blockchain as viable career options dispelling parental and other misconceptions about gaming careers, especially in web3 tech space.

Hitesh Kanaria, the leaderboard legend, who has the maximum earning through blockchain gaming, commented that, “KGeN is a platform where gaming meets purpose. From supporting my family to sharpening my social and negotiation skills, it’s not just a web3 gaming platform – it’s a gateway to empowerment. Through this platform, I have been successfully able to earn around 8.5 lakhs in income between November 2022 and October 2023. With each community built, I’m not just playing; I’m pioneering a global revolution”.

Ishank Gupta, Elder Member Council, Kratos Gaming Network, said, “Delhi’s youth brought a storm of energy to our recent meetup, embodying the promise of tomorrow. KGeN’s gaming tech isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about empowering the leaders of the future. We’re leading the charge in Web3 gaming, providing avenues for growth and careers”.

KGeN has created the Proof-of-Gamer (PoG) engine, the largest pool of immutable data of gamers making it the world’s largest gamer reputation program. The reputation program which empowers gamers like Animesh by recognizing their skills and allowing them to own their data and utilising gaming as a rewarding pursuit. This program fosters a supportive environment where gamers can build successful careers based on their passion and talent.

It’s a new dawn for gamers with India’s digital landscape rapidly evolving and blockchain poised to be the future, KGeN’s campaign empowers students to explore alternative career options within the gaming industry. Events like this one pave the