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MiQ and ISC2 Bangalore Chapter Host Landmark Cybersecurity Summit on AI Innovations and Privacy

MiQ, in collaboration with the ISC2 Bangalore Chapter (International Information System Security Certification Consortium), hosted a successful Cybersecurity Summit at their Center of Excellence in Bengaluru. The summit focused on privacy, security, and AI innovations, attracting over 100 industry professionals and experts.

Kicking off the event, Muthu Karuppiah, President of the ISC2 Bangalore Chapter, shared the chapter’s mission and insights on cybersecurity.  The Summit further provided valuable perspectives on navigating AI innovations and the complexities of the programmatic landscape.

Highlights from the summit included:

  • Regulating AI: Discussion on how India’s ITA 2000 provides a regulatory framework based on “Accountability.”
  • Future of AI Ecosystem: Examination of how evolving regulations and compliance demands will shape AI’s future.
  • Developer Productivity: Strategies to enhance productivity while complying with secure development and privacy regulations.
  • AI-Driven Security Solutions: Insights into the regulatory landscape and compliance considerations.
  • Scaling Gen AI: Exploration of how to effectively integrate GenAI with cybersecurity measures.

Speaking on the overall event Krish GovindarajanChief Technology Officer, MiQ, said, “It was a fantastic day of learning and collaboration with professionals and policymakers. We explored real-world examples of how AI is shaping policies, driving business impact, and addressing cybersecurity challenges. We are grateful to ISC2 for the opportunity to host this summit and for their efforts in building a robust cybersecurity community in India.”

The summit also featured a compelling session by Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran, a Risk Advisory Expert and ISC2 member. He introduced the concept of ‘the Abhimanyu complex,’ referencing the Indian epic Mahabharata, to illustrate the challenges of using Gen AI in cybersecurity. Dr. Venkateswaran provided expert insights on navigating these challenges and scaling AI within organizations.

Speaking at the event, Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, Risk Advisory Expert and ISC2 member, said “The session brought together diverse from product development, cybersecurity, risk management, and industry trends. These insights are crucial for enhancing the growth of Generative AI and ensuring its effective implementation across organizations .

The summit underscored the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in advancing cybersecurity and AI innovations.


About MiQ: MiQ is a programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies. The better-connected approach to programmatic advertising means clients can connect data, discover insights, and activate them in high-performance campaigns to deliver real business outcomes in an increasingly divided world. Making the most of data is complex. Companies need to connect all first party data, enhance it with the right second and third-party data, analyse it with data science technology and resources, then use the insights gathered to build creatives with the right messages and target them to the right audiences with expert programmatic trading. We connect the right people, industry partnerships, and technology in a complete programmatic stack so we can solve precise business challenges by maximising the value of data.

About ISC2 Bangalore Chapter: The ISC2 Bangalore Chapter is affiliated with the global ISC2, a non-profit association for information security leaders. With over 500 active members, it fosters learning, education, and collaboration in cybersecurity across industry, academia, and professionals.