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More than 50% of the GCCs in India are of US origin, says AMCHAM

With a focus on U.S. -India tech-collaboration, AMCHAM organizes conference on GCCs in Chennai
The conference was actively attended by leading American corporates, and consulting firms.
The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM) a leading apex chamber of U.S. industry in India successfully wrapped a Global Capability Centers (GCC) conference in Chennai, spotlighting the increasing collaboration between the United States and India in the technology sector. The conference titled, ‘Thriving in the Future: Responsible AI, Innovation, and Evolving Workforce’, brought together key stakeholders to discuss the evolution of GCCs and the integration of new-age technologies into business strategies.
The inaugural address was made by Mr. S. Krishnan, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India followed by Mr. Chris Hodges, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General, Chennai and Mr. V. Vishnu IAS, MD & CEO, Guidance Tamil Nadu, Industries, Investment Promotion & Commerce Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.
Multiple mainstream corporates and consulting firms took part in this conference that saw insightful discussions on various aspects of GCCs and the technological landscape impacting businesses. Prominent speakers included representatives from EY, Accenture, Cushman & Wakefield, Ford, UPS & IBM to name a few.
The conference was structured into five informative sessions, covering a wide array of topics vital to the GCC ecosystem. Discussions ranged from industry focus and Chennai’s transformation into an innovation hub to the future of manufacturing, embracing automation and Industry 4.0, and the implications of AI on the workforce.
The concluding session on navigating digital transformation and cybersecurity, stressed upon the the importance of collaboration between stakeholders to drive impactful initiatives aligned with company goals.
Offering her remarks on the conference theme, Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM India said, “Chennai’s GCC ecosystem ranks fifth in India, with more than 259 existing centres that employ over 150,000 skilled professionals. This growth is being fueled by the definitive involvement of the state administration through key policy initiatives like Guidance Tamil Nadu.  It is poised to boost competitiveness, accelerate sector growth and attract top talent and investment to the state. The city has the potential to regain its top spot as a preferred destination for global companies seeking to establish their in-house centres.”
AMCHAM remains committed to nurturing this partnership, ensuring that together, we harness the power of innovation to shape a future defined by responsible AI and sustainable growth.” she added.
The event served as a platform for fostering closer ties between U.S. and Indian businesses, facilitating knowledge exchange, and exploring avenues for future collaboration in the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation.
About The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM India):
AMCHAM India is a leading apex chamber of U.S. industry in India. Established in 1992, AMCHAM has over 400 U.S. companies as members and plays a pivotal role in fostering strong ties between the U.S. and India. The incumbent U.S. Ambassador to India is the Honorary President of AMCHAM. AMCHAM enjoys a very close relationship with the U.S. Embassy and complete support in fulfilling its objectives. Country Heads of leading U.S. companies constitute the elected national executive board. The chamber’s mission is to assist member companies to succeed in India through advocacy, information, networking and business support services. Headquartered in New Delhi, AMCHAM extends its influence through regional chapters in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai. AMCHAM is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC and the AmCham’s of Asia Pacific.