Press Release

OnePlay launches OneSpace, India’s Premier Cloud PC service

~ A first-of-its-kind subscription service, OneSpace will allow users to upgrade their existing PC to a High-End Gaming Computer on the cloud~


OnePlay, a leading player in the cloud gaming industry, proudly announces the launch of OneSpace, a groundbreaking Cloud PC service. This innovative addition to OnePlay’s cloud gaming platform promises to revolutionise how users play AAA games while also seamlessly running different softwares and other PC-related applications on any device. OneSpace can be accessed through the OnePlay platform with new upcoming WebRTC Support for Linux, iPhone & IOS. With OneSpace, users can bid farewell to limitations on the type of hardware they need to play their favourite games or perform other PC-related tasks and seamlessly access high-end PC capabilities on the cloud.


This innovative subscription service gives users access to OnePlay’s expanding library of over 350+ games and applications, streamed directly to their devices. OneSpace delivers unmatched performance to its users with 24GB DDR5 RAM, a 4-core, 8-thread CPU clocked at 4.3+ GHz, and 256GB+ NVMe SSD storage with built-in backup.


Commenting on the launch, Harshit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of OnePlay said, “With OneSpace, we mark a new era of end-to-end cloud gaming and workspace that will change the way people view and use streaming. By providing access to a versatile platform, we are empowering not just gamers but all users to unlock the full potential of gaming and PC usage, without being limited by their hardware capabilities.”


Furthermore, OneSpace ensures seamless connectivity with a Gigabit network connection for an exceptional browsing experience and supports high frame rates up to 120FPS and beyond, ideal for any high-end PC usage. OneSpace delivers excellent performance per rupee and runs seamlessly on web browsers or the OnePlay platform. Users can enjoy top-tier graphics supporting NVIDIA’s RTX, DLSS, and Frame Generation technologies. Future scalability options will allow users to choose from different GPU models, configurations, and storage capacities to meet their specific needs.


OneSpace will be available starting May 31 on the OnePlay website, with a monthly subscription fee of INR 1299. Visit the website for more information

About OnePlay

OnePlay is a decentralized and open-source cloud gaming platform and an emerging super gaming app that provides gamers worldwide with boundless access to immersive gaming, within a hardware-agnostic framework. With over 100,000 downloads, its primary focus is on creating an exceptional gaming universe, providing users with a unique gaming experience while ensuring the safety, security, and confidentiality of their private details. With a multi-genre game library of over 350 games, the platform aims to revolutionise the gaming domain with the cloud while empowering users and nurturing a community-centric gaming ecosystem.


The company has forged valuable partnerships with a diverse array of technology firms such as Fampay, County (for behavioural analytics), GCG Iraq, Leap switch (hosting partner), Yotta (Datacenter partner), Radian Arc (AMD GPU partner), and Shaks (Gaming controller Partner). Moreover, the company has also collaborated with Samsung, a global leader in consumer electronics to establish a significant partnership in the space of cloud gaming. Through this collaboration, millions of Indians will gain access to seamless cloud gaming experiences directly on Samsung Smart TVs, eliminating the need for a console or PC. Another major collaboration that OnePlay did was by joining the prestigious NVIDIA Inception program, granting access to NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art technical resources.


OnePlay has secured $1.8 million in seed funding from a consortium of investors, including Baring Capital, Inflection Point Ventures, and distinguished angel investors such as Kunal Shah, Suraj Nalin, Amit Shrivastav, and Jitendra Gupta. This infusion of capital serves to further accelerate OnePlay’s expansion and innovation endeavors.