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QubeHealth-Pay launches unique healthcare payment benefits for ION Exchange’s 3000 employees.

ION Exchange Ltd, a publicly listed, leading water and environment management solution company, with three thousand employees, today unveiled a one-of-a-kind healthcare benefit for its employees. This innovative offering, in partnership with QubeHealth, a healthcare payments company, provides exclusive access to QubeHealth-Pay, a healthcare payments app. The app offers instant cashback on every medical bill payment, effectively reducing the financial burden of healthcare expenses for ION Exchange’s employees and their dependents.

Alongside cashback benefits, with QubeHealth-Pay every employee also gets a healthcare credit facility equivalent to their group health insurance coverage amount, establishing a financial buffer to pay any hospital that does not offer a cashless payment facility despite having health insurance. This credit facility is extended to the employee and their family members who are included within their group health insurance policy at zero interest or fees. Money used to pay such non-cashless bills is repaid by the employee at no cost as soon as their health insurance claim reimbursement is processed.

The recent health crisis has underscored the importance of healthcare payments and insurance benefits for working individuals in India. In response, ION Exchange has taken a proactive stance, introducing measures to support its workforce and their families’ healthcare needs. In addition to a robust group health insurance plan, the company has now addressed the significant healthcare expenses that often exceed health insurance coverage.

Hemant Kadam, GM – HR & Admin for ION Exchange Ltd., remarked, “We are always thinking about various ways to take care of our employees, and their healthcare expenses have always been an area of keen focus. We wanted a solution to help reduce their medical costs and give them a safety net if they had to pay a hospital first and claim the insurance later. With QubePay, our staff can access essential healthcare services without any financial burden. This  peace of mind that our employees gain from knowing they have prompt access to funds for hospital payments is invaluable, and we’re excited about this partnership with QubeHealth!.”

While discussing the partnership, Chris George, the Co-Founder and CEO of QubeHealth, commented, “Indian families spend a lot every month on healthcare. Ensuring that every bill has an instant cost reduction and that an interest-free credit line is available to pay large healthcare bills gives our users more control over their families’ healthcare. Our goal has been to help them take control of their healthcare choices. Helping the employees of ION Exchange is another step by us towards this commitment.”

As healthcare costs continue to rise and health insurance coverage falls short in covering all medical expenses, organisations are increasingly seeking innovative solutions dedicated to employee healthcare benefits. Services like QubeHealth-Pay exemplify a holistic approach that goes beyond Group Health Insurance or medical reimbursements. Helping employees pay their family’s medical bills, by reducing their costs, and giving them access to quick capital at no cost is a great way to show that you care, and to retain talent.

QubePay is used by over three hundred large companies, and over one and half lakh employees of these Companies.

About QubeHealth:

QubeHealth is a healthcare payments company. Integrating a massive ‘payments infrastructure’, interest-free healthcare financing, health insurance, and healthcare providers. Qube’s users are employees of Indian enterprises that have subscribed to Qube’s healthcare payment products for their employees, usually as an add-on to the company group health insurance plan. Employees (the Users) can pay any healthcare provider (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and more) across India via the Qube mobile application (“QubePay”), with NO restrictions on healthcare provider networks OR family member restrictions. Qube gives its users control over their families’ healthcare outcomes without being limited by their ability to pay their medical bills, rapidly changing the way Indians pay for their healthcare.

About ION Exchange Ltd.:

ION Exchange Ltd. (NSE: IONEXCHANG) is a pioneer of water treatment in India with a legacy spanning over six decades, and operations in seventeen countries. Formed in 1964 as a subsidiary of the Permutit Company of the UK, Ion Exchange became a wholly Indian company in 1985 when Permutit divested its holding. Ion is now considered to be one of the very few companies worldwide with a complete range of solutions for Water, Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, and Waste to Energy.