Press Release

Savvytree Debuts in Kolkata to Empower Businesses with its Digital Expertise

After expanding and establishing a strong base in Delhi, Savvytree has now opened its doors in Kolkata, aiming to transform businesses and help owners to thrive their businesses digitally.


Founded by Bharat Khatter, Savvytree brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. He strongly believes in the power of digital entrepreneurship to drive economic growth and help people achieve their potential. “With our successful foundation in Delhi, we are excited to bring Savvytree to Kolkata. Our mission will be to empower local businesses, driving growth and innovation in West Bengal’s digital economy,” Bharat Khatter, Founder of Savvytree, says.


Savvytree’s goal in Delhi and Kolkata is to bridge the gap between traditional businesses and the digital world with tailored digital marketing solutions. By using the latest technology and strategies, Savvytree will help business owners reach their target audience, build a strong online presence, and grow digitally.


One of the key features of bringing Savvytree to Kolkata will be its focus on providing strategic implementation of digital marketing skills. They will also offer a range of services, including Branding, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Creative Content Creation, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and Performance Marketing.


Moreover, after opening Savvytree in Kolkata, the company will be committed to fostering a supportive environment for digital entrepreneurship in West Bengal. Savvytree will aim to unlock the full potential of digital entrepreneurship in the region by providing resources, developing skills, and encouraging innovation.


Bharat Khatter emphasises that with Savvytree opening its gates in Kolkata, businesses in this city will have a trusted partner to help them navigate the digital world, achieve their goals, and shape the future of business.