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Stylework Appoints Vishal Narvekar as CPO to Revolutionize Coworking Spaces with Cutting-Edge Solutions

India’s fastest-growing coworking space aggregator platform, Stylework Innovation Hub Pvt Ltd recently took a major effort to follow its growth strategy and appointed Vishal Narvekar as the company’s Chief Product Officer. Vishal carries extensive industry experience as he has worked with companies like Honeywell International India Pvt Ltd and Johnson Controls USA. Now he is all set to bring new innovation to Stylework and contribute to the company’s mission of revolutionizing the flex space market. 

While sharing his views on the appointment, Vishal Narvekar, CPO Stylework shares, “Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, and as the Chief Product Officer, I am driven to revolutionise the coworking industry through cutting-edge solutions. Embracing technology and fostering collaboration, we are building the future of workspaces with Stylework. My vision is to transform the coworking landscape in the world, creating spaces that inspire collaboration and foster growth, all powered by the SaaS platform driven by cutting-edge technology. Through that SaaS product called Corporate Product Suite (CPS), we aim to offer seamless access to the finest coworking spaces and services, revolutionising the way workspaces are utilised.” 

Sparsh Khandelwal, the Founder of Stylework, announced the addition of Vishal Narvekar and expressed, “ We are glad to have Vishal in our Leadership team. His appointment marks an exciting new phase in our journey of expansion. Given his strategic mindset and profound industry knowledge, we are assured that Stylework will soar to greater heights, delivering unparalleled value to enterprises in need of flexible workspaces and coworking space providers. Moreover, we are assured that we will have a lot more new innovations. “

Having embarked on a commendable 16-year career in product management and design, Vishal Narvekar lends Stylework a distinctive blend of technical prowess and visionary direction. His educational background in BSc Physics and MCA offers a unique standpoint that connects the realms of science and technology. His dedication to fostering a culture of growth and innovation is evident in his strategic contributions to Stylework’s achievements. 

Vishal Narvekar envisions a future for Stylework that harnesses the potential of IoT and smart devices. Through the incorporation of smart sensors and devices, Stylework aims to create workspaces that are tailored to individual preferences, thus optimizing lighting, temperature, and other elements for utmost comfort and productivity. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are set to propel the future of coworking. Thus, by leveraging these technologies, the company intends to offer personalized suggestions, maximize space utilization, and furnish data-powered insights to companies, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, real-time integration of inventory will be a turning point for Stylework. By providing users with immediate access to coworking space availability, they can optimize bookings, ensure efficient space utilization, and accommodate the evolving needs of their clients. With Vishal Narvekar at the helm, Stylework is set to change the dynamics of the coworking landscape in India and beyond, positioning it as a driving force for the next generation of workspace solutions

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