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Trend Micro Launches World’s First Security Solutions for Consumer AI PCs

Global cybersecurity innovator showcases capabilities at Computex 2024


Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity, today unveiled its first consumer security solutions tailored to safeguard against emerging threats in the era of AI PCs. Trend will bring these advanced capabilities to consumers in late 2024.

Carla Rodriguez, VP and GM of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel: “We are pleased to collaborate with Trend Micro on AI solutions leveraging our next generation Intel Core Ultra processors (code name Lunar Lake). Specifically, Trend will be the first to utilize Lunar Lake’s 48 NPU Tops on their email defense feature to run scans locally, increasing user privacy and security while lowering latency. Intel enables a broad and open ecosystem and brings unmatched scale and channels for AI ISVs like Trend Micro. We look forward to driving their solutions to those seeking to adopt AI capable PCs rooted in security.”

Trend’s ecosystem expanding this week to include Intel is a testament to its focus on innovation without boundaries. As Trend continues to focus on AI and other emerging technologies, collaboration with industry peers is critical.

Sharda Tickoo, Country Manager for India & SAARC at Trend Micro: “We are not only leveraging AI for security, but also securing AI itself. The value of this AI era will ultimately depend on how secure it is, from the enterprise level to the individual consumer. Trend is addressing both, while many in the industry are not yet doing either.”

AI PCs powered by neural processing units (NPUs) allow consumers to run AI applications locally on their device rather than in the cloud, providing benefits from privacy to performance. As PC manufacturers rapidly bring new AI PCs to market, consumers will be presented with both new opportunities and new risks. Trend is committed to addressing these risks through its new capabilities being showcased at Computex 2024:

  • AI application protection: Traditional cybersecurity solutions for PCs are not enough when it comes to protecting consumer AI applications from malicious activity. Methods such as model tampering or knowledge base poisoning can result in an AI application being directed to put users at risk of losing sensitive personal information or becoming a victim of misinformation. Trend’s AI application protection capability is designed to address this risk and is set to launch for device security products in 2024.


  • NPU-powered email security: Previously, email content had to be sent to the cloud for analysis due to computing power requirements. Trend can now run email scam protection locally on an AI PC. This offers a better user experience and removes data privacy friction from the process. Trend expects to see a 100% increase in usage of this feature on AI PCs, which will be available as part of its device security solutions in 2024.

Trend is showcasing its AI application protection and NPU-powered email security at booth K0028 at Computex.

To find out more about Trend Micro’s commitment to protecting consumers in the age of AI, visit:

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