Press Release

UPES ON unveils ‘REBEL’- A Bold Campaign Revolutionizing Education for Innovators of Today

UPES ON, the digital education wing of UPES University, ranked 52nd by NIRF and recognized as the 1st Indian Private University for Academic Reputation by QS World Rankings, recently made public its groundbreaking ‘REBEL’ Digital Video Campaign.

This dynamic 30-second narrative showcases a spirited 21-year-old challenging the status quo and reshaping our perception of education. Rejecting traditional paths, she boldly embraces UPES ON’s online learning platform, aligning with her unique journey.

REBEL captures the essence of the challenges and choices faced by today’s youth, positioning UPES ON as the University of Tomorrow, offering education that aligns with contemporary aspirations, including the dynamic field of BCA.

The campaign emphasizes UPES ON as a hub for modern learning, spotlighting features like AI programs, a vibrant alumni network, diverse courses, masterclasses, and financial support. The character boldly asserts, “I’m doing things ahead of my time… Maybe that’s why I’m called a rebel.”

Commenting on the launch, Ankita Sharma, Head of Branding and Marketing at UPES ON, stated, “REBEL embodies the spirit of breaking barriers and forging new paths, including the exciting field of BCA. It speaks directly to the aspirations of today’s youth, encouraging them to embrace education that mirrors their individuality. UPES ON is proud to be the catalyst for these transformative journeys.”

In a world that celebrates innovation and original thinking, UPES ON invites individuals to explore online degrees that harmonize with their dreams. ‘REBEL’ transcends beyond a mere video; it’s a call to reimagine education and seize control of one’s destiny.


UPES was established in 2003 with a vision to provide quality education. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving educational landscape, UPES ON, the public face of The Centre for Continuing Education at UPES was created as the digital education wing of the university. Its primary focus is to empower working professionals to become the catalysts driving tomorrow’s digital transformations. UPES ON offers online MBA, BBA and BCA degrees which have been fortified with industry masterclasses and immersions. There are also a number of new-age PGP programs to choose from in the field of Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Industrial Safety and more.

Through extensive research, the dedicated academic team and faculty at UPES ON have crafted a robust learning framework tailored to meet the demands of tomorrow’s job market. Special focus has been placed on merging new age technologies like AI, data science, cloud computing and more into the curriculum to ensure that the students come out ready to face this new and changing world.