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VDO.AI and Indian Express Achieve Record Breaking Success During  Election Season

 In a groundbreaking collaboration, VDO.AI and Indian Express joined forces to deliver an unparalleled digital experience during the recent election season. By integrating advanced video ad technology across multiple Indian Express properties, we achieved a 2x growth in video impressions and revenue during this general election season compared to the previous period. The partnership resulted in seamless live streaming, efficient ad delivery, and exceptional audience engagement.

With over 100 million monthly unique visitors* Indian Express Group’s digital platforms are a top destination for news and information in India. Indian Express, and VDO.AI, a leader in video advertising technology, together enhanced the election coverage experience for millions of users. This synergy combined Indian Express’s top-tier journalism with VDO.AI’s technological prowess, creating a powerful platform for real-time content delivery. (*Source: Comscore MMX Multi-platform, The Indian Express Group, Total Unique Visitors, Geo – India, Apr 2024)


Key achievements of the campaign:


  1. Record-BreakingPage Views: Over 950 million page views were recorded during the election season.
  2. ExpandedUser Base: A remarkable 2.4x increase in the user base compared to the previous election results day.
  3. Surgein Viewership: More than 3x additional viewers on election results day, with over 70% of the audience dominated by Indian Express’s English properties.
  4. ExponentialGrowth in Video Views: Achieved 20x growth in video views compared to the previous general election day.

Source: Google Analytics, Youtube Analytics, General Elections


This partnership underscores the effectiveness of combining quality content with cutting-edge technology. Indian Express’s commitment to delivering high-quality

news and VDO.AI’s innovative solutions ensured that the live streaming of election content was smooth, engaging, and impactful.

ArjitSachdeva, CTO at VDO.AI said, “Working with Indian Express on this election coverage campaign was a remarkable experience. Our advanced tech stack played a pivotal role in delivering an engaging and seamless experience for millions of users, enhancing the live streaming capabilities of Indian Express’s digital platforms. We are proud that VDO.AI’s innovative solutions significantly contributed to setting new benchmarks in digital content delivery.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sanjay Sindhwani, CEO of Indian Express Online, said, “Partnering with VDO.AI is enabling us to enhance our live streaming capabilities and engage our viewers in new and meaningful ways. We continue to aggressively invest in our video content offerings across all our brands and have seen a 20x growth in video views and 42x growth in watch time in this election season as compared to the last general elections.”

Indian Express and VDO.AI’s joint efforts demonstrate the future of digital content delivery and advertising. By leveraging their respective strengths, they have created a new standard for election coverage in the digital age.

About VDO.AI VDO.AI is a leading provider of video advertising technology, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to maximize viewer engagement and drive advertising success. Our cutting-edge technology powers real-time content delivery, sophisticated ad management, and audience analytics, enabling our partners to achieve unparalleled results.

About Indian Express Indian Express is a leading media group known for its high-quality journalism and extensive audience reach. With a commitment to delivering timely and accurate news, Indian Express continues to be a trusted source of information for millions of readers worldwide.