Press Release

Vehant Technologies Secures Multiple Orders for X-Ray Baggage Machines from Airport Authority of India, DRDO, and Others.

AAI, DRDO, Central Police Organization, CPWD Parliament, Karnataka Police, STT DC, Bihar Police, West Bengal Prison and others are all part of this significant order.

Vehant Technologies, a smart security and surveillance solutions provider has received multiple orders for Multi-Energy and Dual-View X-ray baggage scanners from Airport Authority of India (AAI), the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Central Police Organization and several others. As part of these combined orders worth approximately Rs. 17 Crore, the company is required to deliver around 80 such machine units.

The biggest order of 36 AI-powered Multi-Energy and Dual-View X-ray baggage scanning machines has been placed by the Airport Authority of India; the machines will be placed at airports in Madurai, Rewa, Kolkata, Trichy, Datia, and Saharanpur. Karnataka Police and West Bengal Prison ordered 14 machines, while UP Prison and others ordered an ample amount of units. The machines will enhance infrastructure security at multiple locations around the country while also displaying the company’s commitment to country safety. These Advanced AI driving devices are capable of detecting illegal objects using x-ray images and giving real-time alerts to operators to prevent any problems. Additional features such as Threat Image Projection, an improved central console, and video management improve overall operating efficiency. These real-time exact scanning capabilities are critical for detecting concealed hazards such as bombs, weapons, and biological hazardous goods.

Mr. Kapil Bardeja, CEO & Co-Founder, Vehant Technologies, said, “We are honored to secure numerous orders for our cutting-edge Multi-Energy and Dual-View X-ray baggage scanners from esteemed government organizations. These orders, totaling around 80 machine units, reinforce the trust these entities place in Vehant Technologies. The deployment of our AI-driven devices at key locations in the country not only strengthens infrastructure security but also reflects our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our nation.”

Recently, Vehant installed the precise same machines at the Ayodhya Airport, Surat Airport, Trichy Airport, and the Ayodhya Temple. This is the fourth biggest order placed by the Airports Authority of India since last year.

About VehantVehant is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning- based Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring & Junction Enforcement Solutions. Vehant incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in 2005. Vehant caters to the Premises security, Traffic enforcement & City/Border surveillance requirements across all domains including Government, Railways etc. Vehant Designed & developed products in India with their Security Screening solution, Smart and Safe city solution, and Enterprise Analytics with a big research team at Vehant Research Laboratory.