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Zell Education wins “The Outstanding Edtech Institute of the Year 2023” title at the Education Leaders Conclave & Awards

Observe Now Media has named Zell Education as the winner of “The Outstanding Edtech Institute of the year 2023” at the Education Leaders Conclave & Awards. This honour acknowledges Zell Education’s commendable development, innovation, outstanding performance, and commitment to the upskilling segment of the Finance & Accounts sector. The title honors the organization’s dedication to excellence and its objectives in the education sector.

“All kinds of EdTech solutions promote inclusive and flexible learning for students. As the industry recognises our efforts with Zell Education, we would like to sincerely thank all our stakeholders, students, faculty, partners and clients for their unwavering trust and support. We will continue to strive and work to offer innovative educational solutions that will hopefully  positively impact the entire educational ecosystem of the country”, added Partham Barot, Co-Founder & CEO of Zell Education

“We are indeed honored to receive this award as it cements our confidence further while we continue to foster a credible access for our clients in their pursuit of excellence. This award is a reflection of our team’s hard work and dedication in delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of finance and accounting”, said Anant Bengani, Co-founder & Executive Director of Zell Education. 

Zell Education’s award-winning products are available on its website, and the company continues to expand its offerings to meet the growing demands of the EdTech industry.

About Zell Education: Founded in 2015 by enterprising professionals Pratham Barot and Anant Begnani, Zell Education bridges the gap between academic excellence and practical skill development. As a cutting-edge learning platform, Zell offers comprehensive training to aspiring finance and accounting students. Zell Education is a leading institute focused on preparing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in finance and accounting in today’s competitive world.

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