National Technology Day: Industries thriving in 2024 thanks to new technologies

As we celebrate National Technology Day on May 11, 2024, we can’t help but wonder how technology has seeped into our lives and eased the way we lead it. While digitalization has ensured that we get things on our mobile phones, it has ensured that everything becomes more convenient and faster. Even as the agri industry is undergoing a major change currently, the fintech industry is seen a radical change as both consumers and service providers go online. The food and health industries have also stayed abreast with the times and created innovative products. So here are some industries that have embraced technologies in 2024 and are benefitting the entire mankind.

Technology in agriculture is gradually impacting the lives of Indian farmers by making the laborious work of farming easier, improving yield and also ensuring that much needed facilities are available to them. Sohan Lal Commodities Management (SLCM) has revolutionized the post-harvest logistics and enabled the farmers to reach out to bigger markets with better pay. Their listing platform, Agri Reach has brought together more than 1.5 lakh stakeholders and ensuring that everyone can gain mutual benefits. The app also enables online Quality Check for crop with NABL accredited lab instantly, a task that earlier required about two days. Through Agri Suraksha, smart warehouses have been created that are under solar-powered CCTV surveillance 24X7. This ensures that malpractices are curbed down, even as the crop remains safe in the warehouses with the help of timestamps. However, the Indian farmers are slowly inching towards embracing these technological innovations, thus there is a need for ‘Phygital’ ecosystem where physical centres are digitizes to provide the handholding that farmers need.

The Banking, Finance, and Insurance (BFSI) industry is undergoing digitalization at an unprecedented rate. Technology such as Data Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) have been introduced to transform the operations in these industries. Whether it’s Portfolio Analytics, Financial Risk Management, or Fraud Detection, Payoda assists banks and financial services firms in discovering new opportunities, meeting the growing expectations of millennial clients, and distinguishing themselves from competitors. With the help of Cloud Computing, Payoda also provides Management of Accounts and centralization of data that can ultimately help the BFSI industry to make their processes faster. Their end-to-end transformation services provide a comprehensive framework that can provide better information to portfolio managers. In fact use of technology in the fintech industry increases data efficiency and ensures that there is greater accuracy with fraud detection in real time. It also enables structured reporting, curbing any sort of fraudulent activity.

There are many devices that have revolutionized the way people cook, however not much have been as revolutionary as BlendJet, a portable blender that literally creates a tornado with its powerful and trademark TurboJet technology that moves 275 revolutions per second. Their latest variant, BlendJet 2 can whip up anything that you like in as little as 20 seconds. And this portable blender can give you 15 full whips anytime anywhere with a single charge through its USB charging cord. One can make soups, chutney, gravies, hummus, frozen fruit latte, coffee, shakes, dips etc. It is the perfect device for those who love cooking as it will save up on precious time. However, it is great for those gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts who love a healthy smoothie or protein shake right after their workout session. Providing much needed but healthy calories in the form of these smoothies, BlendJet2 is the ideal food tech partner, especially because of its portability.

We all live in an age where health is of prime importance. Especially in post Covid times, we have all become more careful of our health. However annual or bi annual checkups are just not enough as one needs updated health metrics immediately. Pebble is one brand that has launched an array of smartwatches with special focus on the Health Suite. It consists of Heart Rate Monitors, SpO2 monitors, and even stress monitors. The built in pedometer ensures that you are always up on your feet and are able to complete the mandatory 10,000 steps every day. Some smartwatches even have reminder for water, sedentary reminder and also Zen Mode that ensures that you can calm down right in the middle of a hectic day. Crafted with elegance and utility, these smartwatches are just the right device for anybody who prefers to ensure that they are on track when it comes to health.