Top 5 Companies Providing DevSecOps Strategies to Enhance Cloud Security

Top companies are committed to providing high-performance, scalable digital services around-the-clock via cutting-edge architectures built on top of platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure and using microservices. Even with these developments in technology, cloud security is still of utmost importance. Think of DevSecOps as your cloud-based security partner. It automates compliance tests, continuous monitoring, and vulnerability identification, integrating security from the outset. It assures strong identity management and access controls, with a fast incident response time. Moreover, it infuses the development process with security to ensure your cloud applications are designed safe from the very beginning.

Below are the top companies providing DevSecops strategies to enhance Cloud Security:

Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd: Founded in 2001, Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian full-service online and mobile application development company focused on offering DevSecOps solutions to enhance cloud security for small and medium-sized businesses. The core competencies of the firm lie in cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, and software development while ensuring seamless digital transformation and brand building through efficient online marketing.

Their nimble staff offers ROI-guaranteed websites, high-performance apps, and customized solutions to a vast spectrum of enterprises all over the world. Mass Software Solutions lays a lot of emphasis on speed, quality, and customer satisfaction. It offers wholly adjustable scalable solutions that attract and convert clients, hence making companies succeed in the digital age. It does this by ensuring robust identity management and access restriction, fast incident response times, automated compliance tests, continuous monitoring, and vulnerability discovery. With the incorporation of the DevSecOps approach, it makes sure that security is woven in right from the beginning with the cloud application as it is being built.


Quarks Technosoft Pvt. Ltd: Founded in 2012, Quarks Technosoft has emerged as one of the leading IT consulting and outsourcing companies, focused on bringing digital transformation to businesses worldwide. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, with operational centres in Canada, Singapore
and India, their objectives are to empower businesses across industries through end-to-end digital transformation and comprehensive software solutions. Led by the IITian CEO Mr. Vipin Vindal, the company offers a range of solutions including Product Engineering,
Quality Engineering, Software Design and Development, Salesforce Solutions with AI/ML and blockchain integration.

Quarks Technosoft prioritizes bulletproof security for its clients’ cloud environments. It leverages cutting-edge DevSecOps practices against threats and also facilitates scalability and flexibility through various engagement models. With services like security
automation, vulnerability management and Infrastructure-as-a-code they are helping businesses mitigate security risks and build secure and resilient software systems.


ThoughtSol Infotech Pvt. Ltd: Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Delhi, ThoughtSol Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known IT system integrator and cloud service provider. The mission is to propel digital transformation for companies. ThoughtSol focuses on an enterprise-oriented company targeting DevSecOps techniques to enhance cloud security, apart from digital transformation, multi-cloud solutions, cybersecurity, data center solutions, and next-generation services. Founded by four ardent computer enthusiasts and first-generation business owners with more than 25 years of combined experience, ThoughtSol has been showered with a plethora of recognition—such as being a \”great place to work\” and the \”best workplace for women\” for four years running. The company looks forward to touching $52 million by the end of the year after surpassing the sales milestone of $35 million during 2022.


Evon Technologies: Evon Technologies is an expert in offering DevSecOps techniques to improve cloud security. We are one of the top DevOps consulting firms with a commitment to ensuring that we offer the best possible software development. Our focus on quality has steered us from traditional software delivery techniques to DevOps and, lately, DevSecOps. We believe in the integration of security in the development pipeline, foster communication between the operations and development teams, and smoothly integrate the interdependent steps of a process model. In focusing on DevSecOps, we ensure that security becomes an integral part of the software development lifecycle and secures the cloud environment with strong security measures.


Comprinno Technologies: Comprinno technologies is a team of professionals in the complex activity of Cloud Orchestration and Management, establishing the most complex systems in the cloud. The range of their technology domains is very large, from distributed computing to information security, software-defined networking, IoT, DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, and AIOps. They also have wide experience in Standard Operating Procedures and in regulatory frameworks relevant to highly regulated industries such as Telecom, Pharma, Healthcare, and Finance.

They pride ourselves on our successful track record of implementing cloud configurations in accordance with leading global standards: ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPPA, GAMP5, and 21-CFR-PART-11. The Specialist Security services for the discipline of information security include DevSecOps Consulting, Deep Penetration Testing, and VAPT. This set of specialist services is specifically designed for firms working in high-trust environments with stringent security requirements.Furthermore, they have developed a SaaS operating as a Self-Monitoring, Self-Healing, and Self-Managing system, facilitating 24/7/365 AWS account administration.


Leading companies offering outstanding DevSecOps solutions in support of cloud security include Mass Software Solutions, Quarks Technosoft, ThoughtSol Infotech, Evon Technologies, and Comprinno Technologies. Focused on automation, continuous monitoring, and proactive security, they further ensure strong identity management, fast incident response times, and compliance with global standards. A high degree of familiarity with numerous sectors and technology domains provides custom-made solutions for organizations operating in strongly regulated environments.