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Harnessing the power of AI: how fintech is transforming SME loan decisions

By Ashish Nayyar   Small and medium enterprises (SME) consistently play a crucial role in driving the global economy and generating employment opportunities worldwide, yet they continue to face challenges when it comes to securing credit. Use of new technologies, including AI is transforming the way banks and fintechs provide finance to these businesses. These AI-driven solutions are streamlining SME loan decisions, making the borrowing process more efficient, faster, and accessible. At the heart of AI-driven lending is data. Use of AI enables lenders to incorporate traditional as well as...
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5 Industry Giants Spearheading Innovative Digital Transformation Strategies for SMEs

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, software firms are at the forefront of driving innovative digital transformation strategies to empower SMEs. With a rising demand for customisation and adaptability, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT, blockchain and AI has become essential to reshape operations, culture, and customer experiences. Embracing cloud-based infrastructure, harnessing data analytics for actionable insights, integrating IoT for enhanced connectivity, ensuring secure transactions through blockchain and deploying AI for automation and innovation are pivotal elements of their transformation journey....
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The Next Frontier: Strategic Decision Making for MSMEs in India’s

By Snehkumar Purohit Today Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) emerge not merely as participants, but as visionary trailblazers, skillfully navigating a path towards a future brimming with prosperity. In addition to MSMEs pivotal role in driving current economic growth, it is imperative to recognize that MSMEs are emerging as the linchpin for fostering innovation, generating employment opportunities, and cultivating a resilient ecosystem that positions India prominently on the global stage. As we stand at the crossroads of 2024, the focus intensifies on the MSME sector, where strategic decision-making isn't...
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