Charting the Course: TrioTree Technologies’ Journey in Revolutionizing Healthcare IT

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Surjeet Thakur,  Founder and CEO of TrioTree Technologies

  1. Can you tell us about the journey of TrioTree Technologies, from its inception to becoming one of the leading providers of healthcare solutions in India, the UK, and the Middle East?

TrioTree Technologies began with a vision to revolutionize healthcare through technology. Our founders, with backgrounds in medicine, engineering, and IT, saw the potential to improve efficiency and patient care. We started by developing user-friendly healthcare IT solutions and have grown into a leading provider serving over 160 clients worldwide, including prestigious organizations in the UK, GCC, Malaysia, Singapore, and Africa.

TrioTree’s flagship product, HIStree, is an enterprise hospital information system, alongside others like LIStree and HISTree, all designed to streamline medical operations and improve patient care.


  1. What inspired you to venture into the healthcare IT sector, and how has your background in Healthcare IT, Consulting, and Project Management shaped TrioTree’s approach?

Our team’s extensive background in healthcare, IT, consulting, and project management fuels our approach to delivering impactful solutions.  Having worked in the medical field myself, we understand the challenges healthcare providers face firsthand. This understanding, combined with the engineering expertise of our team, ensures our solutions are built on strong and scalable technology. We don’t just stop there.  Our consulting experience allows us to develop solutions that align with your long-term goals, while our project management skills ensure a smooth implementation and successful rollout. This holistic approach guarantees that TrioTree delivers healthcare IT solutions that are not only technologically sound but also practical and effective for the real-world needs of healthcare providers.

This holistic approach ensures TrioTree delivers healthcare IT solutions that are not just technologically sound but also practical and effective for real-world healthcare settings.


  1. TrioTree Technologies aims to revolutionize patient experiences through the convergence of healthcare and technology. Could you elaborate on how your solutions achieve this goal?

Our products bridge the gap between healthcare and technology, empowering you in multiple ways. First, forget about phone tags; our secure patient portals and mobile apps make it simple to communicate with your caretakers. You’ll also have better access to information, allowing you to view your medical records, appointments, and test results whenever you need them.

You don’t need to keep waiting around.  TrioTree solutions speed up procedures by automating administrative activities, allowing you to spend less time waiting and more time focused on improvement. Finally, clinicians will have access to all of your health data, allowing them to make more informed decisions and design personalized treatment plans, particularly for you.


  1. With over 20 years of experience in Healthcare IT, what do you see as the most significant challenges in the industry today, and how does TrioTree address them?

In my two decades of experience in healthcare IT, I’ve witnessed several major challenges. Inconsistent healthcare IT systems cause data fragmentation. making it difficult to access and share patient information efficiently. Additionally, interoperability issues arise due to the lack of standardized data formats, troubling seamless communication between different systems.

Here’s how Triotress addresses these challenges:

  • Developing integrated solutions: Our systems foster interdepartmental communication and data sharing within an institution.
  • Ensuring data standardization: We adhere to industry-standard data formats for seamless information exchange.
  • Prioritizing robust security: Our solutions are built with robust security protocols to safeguard patient data.


  1. The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, especially with the integration of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, and Cognitive Computing. How does TrioTree stay ahead of these technological advancements to provide cutting-edge solutions?

TrioTree understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve, to achieve this, we take a proactive three-pronged approach. First, we actively monitor advancements in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Cognitive Computing.

Second, we continuously invest in research and development to integrate these advancements seamlessly into our existing solutions. Finally, we foster strong collaborations with leading technology providers, allowing us to leverage the latest innovations and ensure our healthcare IT solutions remain not only effective today but also adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry.


  1. Could you share some examples of how TrioTree’s technology has improved operational efficiency and patient care in healthcare facilities across various regions?

Streamlined workflows and digital appointment scheduling through our solutions have significantly reduced wait times for patients. Additionally, HIStree’s secure messaging platforms have fostered improved communication between doctors, nurses, and staff, leading to faster diagnoses and more efficient treatment plans.  TrioTree also enhances accuracy by utilizing electronic health records (EHR) within HIStree. This minimizes errors and ensures data consistency, allowing for better-informed treatment decisions. Furthermore, AmbulaTree’s mobile app empowers remote patient monitoring for chronic conditions, enabling earlier intervention and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.


  1. TrioTree serves over 160 clients worldwide, managing operations effectively across different geographies. What strategies have been key to your global success?

The secret to TrioTree’s global success lies in our in-depth strategies. We take the time to customize our solutions to perfectly fit the specific needs of each client and region. On top of that, we’ve built a strong understanding of local regulations and compliance requirements everywhere we operate.  We also share a robust remote support infrastructure that ensures timely assistance and troubleshooting for clients worldwide.

Finally, we believe in building strong relationships with our clients. We provide ongoing support and training to ensure they can successfully implement our solutions and achieve their goals.


  1. What role do you see TrioTree playing in the future of healthcare, particularly in terms of innovation and improving healthcare outcomes?

1) Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for diagnostics, predicting potential health issues, and tailoring treatment plans.

2) Ensuring smooth information flow between hospitals and clinics, allowing for better-coordinated care for patients.

3)  Boosting existing telehealth options to make remote consultations and patient monitoring easier than ever.

4) Delivering healthcare IT solutions that are secure, accessible, and can grow alongside the needs of medical institutions, all thanks to the power of the cloud.


  1. Lastly, what motivates you personally to continue innovating in the healthcare IT space, and what do you envision for the future of TrioTree Technologies?

Personally, I am driven by the potential of healthcare IT to revolutionize patient care. Witnessing how TrioTree’s solutions empower medical professionals and improve patient outcomes is incredibly motivating.  We will continue to adapt and expand our offerings to address emerging needs and integrate cutting-edge technologies, ultimately transforming how healthcare is delivered around the world.