Empowering Indian Climate Tech: Leveraging London’s $3.5 Billion Investment Surge and Collaborative Opportunities with London & Partners

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Hemin Bharucha, Country Director at London and Partners

How can Indian companies benefit from London’s $3.5 billion Climate Tech investment surge in 2023, and what opportunities does London & Partners offer for global expansion in this sector?

As London & Partners, we recognise the immense potential for Indian companies to benefit from London’s $3.5 billion Climate Tech investment surge in 2023. By establishing a presence in London, Indian companies can not only access substantial funding opportunities but also a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

Our organisation offers tailored support to facilitate this expansion, providing valuable market intelligence, business support services, and networking opportunities across the ecosystem including the Climate Tech sector. Through our extensive network of partners and stakeholders, we help Indian companies navigate the London market landscape, establish strategic connections, and amplify their visibility on a global scale. We are committed to empowering Indian companies to thrive in London’s dynamic Climate Tech ecosystem and to harnessing the collective potential to drive meaningful impact in the fight against climate change.

Considering London’s status as Europe’s leading tech hub, how does London & Partners assist Indian businesses in navigating and thriving in this dynamic ecosystem, especially in the context of Climate Tech advancements?

London & Partners is deeply committed to assisting Indian businesses in navigating and thriving within London’s dynamic tech ecosystem, particularly in the context of Climate Tech advancements.

We offer tailored support for market entry, providing guidance on market research, regulatory frameworks, and connections with local networks. Through our extensive ecosystem, Indian businesses gain access to industry leaders, investors, policymakers, and academic institutions, facilitating partnerships and collaborations. We also offer specialised programmess focused on Climate Tech and sustainability, providing mentoring, workshops, and events. Additionally, we assist in accessing investment opportunities and securing funding, while promoting the visibility of Indian businesses through marketing and promotional activities. Overall, London & Partners is dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation in Climate Tech, standing ready to support Indian businesses in their journey to thrive in London’s vibrant tech landscape.

With Mumbai and Bengaluru recognised as global tech hubs, how do you envision collaboration between these Indian cities and London in the field of Climate Tech? What role can London & Partners play in facilitating this collaboration and promoting global innovation?

At London & Partners, we see immense potential for collaboration between Mumbai, Bengaluru, and London in Climate Tech. As Mumbai and Bengaluru emerge as global tech hubs, partnering with London’s established ecosystem could further accelerate climate solutions. London & Partners facilitates this by organising events, connecting stakeholders, and promoting joint initiatives.  Together, there is a huge opportunity to drive innovation for a more sustainable future, leveraging each city’s unique strengths in the process and learning from each other.