Infinity Learn has been pioneering tech-driven education for elevating learning outcomes

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Anil Kommineni, CTO of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.


  1. Can you provide a brief overview of your edtech platform and its key offerings? What is the philosophy behind each of these offerings?

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya is India’s only EdTech platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale. Serving a community of over 7 million registered users, with over 750K actively subscribing for premium content, our primary mission is to nurture and elevate every learner’s potential.

The brand solidified its position as the most promising start-up in the EdTech industry by being the first company to have become PAT +ve (with a revenue of Rs. 100 crores+) within two years of its operations, even before series A Funding.

Our EdTech platform provides comprehensive learning solutions tailored for learners in grades K-12. It is designed to meet the needs of parents who aim to secure admissions for their children in top-tier professional colleges. Admission to top-tier colleges is fiercely competitive worldwide, particularly in India. Therefore, our platform is strategically designed to empower learners with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in this highly competitive environment.

We prioritize learners’ interests over exam-driven choices. From our early-grade programs building essential skills for success in high-stakes exams, fostering deep subject understanding and strong problem-solving abilities, Infinity Learn serves as a committed companion, empowering learners to actively pursue their careers of choice.

Our proactive approach begins in the early grades, where foundational skills are best cultivated. Offering a Higher Order Thinking Skills program for primary years (grades 1-8), we systematically develop over 30 skills crucial for success in exams demanding a profound understanding of subjects and complex problem-solving.

In the middle years (grades K-10), as learners lay the groundwork in Mathematics and Science, our programs focus on mastering problem-solving in these critical subjects. Transitioning to higher school (grades 9-12+), where career decisions loom large, we provide highly specialized training to ensure success in key competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, and CUET, facilitating entry into tier-1 colleges across diverse fields.

These offerings are enabled by a robust tech platform, ensuring learners not only acquire the intended knowledge (Learning Efficacy) but also optimize their output by achieving maximum results with comparable efforts (Learning Efficiency).


  1. Could you share some success stories highlighting the positive outcomes that students have achieved through your platform?

As our commitment has always been toward achieving tangible outcomes, we take a keen interest in meticulously charting each learner’s educational trajectory. Our proactive approach involves timely interventions and the strategic deployment of study tools, enabling learners to steadily ascend on their learning journey. This dedication has resulted in a multitude of satisfied learners who have derived substantial benefits from our diverse offerings. Whether it’s excelling in school-level academics or achieving exceptional scores in challenging competitive exams, our learners consistently thrive.

One notable success story is that of Bora Varun Chakravarthi from Andhra Pradesh, who aced the NEET-UG 2023 exam with a score 720 out of 720, in his very first attempt. Varun exclusively relied on the study materials provided by Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya for his NEET preparation. In a candid discussion following his success, Varun highlighted the comprehensiveness of the resources, stating that they covered the syllabus thoroughly, eliminating the need for additional materials.

Varun’s success can be attributed to the experienced faculty, regular assessments, and his meticulous preparation strategy. He actively participated in coaching classes, engaged in doubt-solving sessions, and adhered to the study plan offered by the platform. Additionally, Varun devoted significant time to self-study, ensuring a deep understanding of concepts and consistent practice through solving practice questions. Regular revisions and mock tests on the platform were integral components of his strategy, enabling him to gauge progress and enhance performance.

Another noteworthy achievement is that of Aditya Kumar from Patna, who successfully cracked JEE Main in 2023 with a top score of 99.22 percentile. Aditya’s journey was facilitated by Infinity Learn’s comprehensive study plan and dedicated mentors. The platform played a pivotal role in strengthening Aditya’s fundamental concepts, particularly in his weaker subjects such as Physics and Math. Features like live classes, doubt clearance, assessments, and analysis, coupled with a focused 90-day study plan just 3-months before the exam, contributed significantly to Aditya’s effective preparation for JEE Main.


  1. Could you elaborate on the high-level technological architecture employed by your company? Is your platform compatible with various devices and operating systems?

Infinity Learn has cultivated a Product Engineering culture centered on investing in robust, maintainable, and extensible Enterprise-grade platforms. By setting high standards for scale, performance, and cost-effectiveness, we foster a reduction in duplication, promote reuse, and prioritize a well-architected, engineering excellence approach. Our commitment is evident in the development of our ‘One-EdTech-Platform’ strategy, incorporating shared platforms and services that enhance efficiency across all our applications and engineering efforts, resulting in enriching experiences for our learners, educators, and partners.

Mobile-First Architecture:

Infinity Learn prioritizes Mobile-First Architecture, recognizing the prevalence of mobile devices in education. This ensures our solutions are seamlessly accessible and perform optimally on a variety of mobile devices, empowering learners to learn anytime, anywhere.

Microservices Architecture:

We’ve adopted Microservices Architecture to boost scalability, flexibility, and maintainability. Breaking down the application into small, independent services facilitates rapid development and deployment of features, ensuring a responsive and adaptive learning experience.

Advanced DataLake, Analytics, and Insights:

Our commitment to data-driven insights led to an Advanced DataLake solution with robust analytics capabilities. This empowers educators, learners, and administrators with actionable data, fostering informed decision-making and hyper-personalized learning experiences. The DataLake accommodates large volumes of data, facilitating advanced analytics, near real-time analytics, and machine learning processes.

Cloud Technologies:

Infinity Learn utilizes cutting-edge cloud technologies for a scalable, secure, and globally accessible infrastructure. This all-in-cloud solution ensures high availability, reliability, and performance for uninterrupted learning experiences. Cloud services enable automatic scaling to handle varying levels of user traffic and demand, promoting a borderless learning experience.

AI/ML and Generative AI:

Infinity Learn pioneers innovation by incorporating AI/ML and Generative AI technologies into our solutions. From intelligent tutoring systems to personalized assessments, these technologies enhance the learning journey, providing tailored experiences that cater to individual learner/educator needs. AI/ML algorithms tailor learning experiences based on individual learner needs and learning styles, while Generative AI supports dynamic content generation, resolving doubts, and facilitating multi-modal solutions in teaching and learning.

Infinity Learn is dedicated to delivering a flexible learning experience, enabling users to engage effortlessly with the platform on various devices and operating systems. This compatibility guarantees access to educational resources for learners and educators, creating a dynamic learning environment:

Cross-Device Compatibility:

Learners can seamlessly learn across devices with Infinity Learn’s responsive design, supporting desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Their learning experience can be elevated further with native mobile apps optimized for iOS and Android.

Operating System Compatibility:

Infinity Learn has ensured that learners can enjoy flexibility without boundaries. Our platform is operating system agnostic, extending its support to users on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, ensuring a consistent and accessible experience across diverse environments.


  1. How do you ensure scalability and performance, especially during peak usage times and at places with poor internet connectivity?

To ensure scalability and optimal performance, especially during peak usage and in areas with poor internet connectivity, Infinity Learn has strategically invested in building a robust platform that underpins all services, including User Authentication, Data Engineering, and Data Lake. Leveraging Cloud technologies with both Server and Serverless architectures, along with asynchronous approaches, ensures consistent 24/7 service operation exceeding a 99.9% SLA.

Partnering with Agora for real-time solutions, Infinity Learn successfully scaled live online lessons to reach learners in remote areas with subpar networks. The virtual classroom now accommodates over 100 learners per class, and interactive elements usage tripled, showcasing the impact of technology on enhancing the learning experience. This collaboration, facilitated by Agora’s Flexible Classroom solution, enables Infinity Learn to seamlessly navigate challenges posed by poor connectivity, offering a transformative teaching and learning experience.


  1. Please share your thoughts on AI-powered education. Have you implemented AI to enhance educational experiences?

The integration of AI in education signifies a transformative era, offering personalized learning, adaptive content delivery, and real-time feedback. This allows educators to tailor teaching strategies to individual needs. AI-driven analytics pinpoint improvement areas, enabling targeted interventions and enhancing overall educational outcomes. In the challenging journey of preparing for exams, AI acts as a supportive peer and mentor, providing analysis, guidance, and motivation for learners. This synergy between AI and education creates a dynamic and responsive educational ecosystem, addressing diverse learner needs in our rapidly evolving world.

Infinity Learn has taken a pioneering step in the realm of technology-driven education, by launching their AI-powered education solution – IL VISTA: a Virtual Intelligent System for Tailored Academics.

VISTA maximizes AI’s potential to tackle education challenges, offering users cutting-edge solutions through unified mobile and web applications.

Leveraging the power of Generative AI, VISTA focuses on three key areas:

  1. Pedagogy: VISTA revolutionizes education by providing personalized one-on-one tutoring for all learners, fostering understanding, confidence, and problem-solving skills. It identifies and bridges knowledge gaps through innovative user experiences, live session assessments, and tailored learning pathways.
  2. Motivation: VISTA enables learners to set achievable goals, track progress, recognize behaviour patterns, and engage in healthy peer competition, fostering a motivational and immersive learning environment through positive reinforcement.
  3. Governance: VISTA facilitates ongoing enhancements in education by providing educators with valuable insights, AI-guided lesson planning, and course delivery, ensuring top-tier standards through educator monitoring, AI-based evaluation, and personalized attention.

This groundbreaking initiative offers users a seamless experience via a unified mobile and web application, providing access to a diverse range of innovative educational tools.

AI-guided learning and assessments

VISTA is dedicated to a personalized learning approach, employing conversational AI-enabled scaffolding as its core. Unlike traditional teaching methods, where an educator guides learners with hints until they become independent problem solvers, VISTA employs Doubts AI. This modern educational ally adheres to traditional values, comprehending and directing learners step-by-step to ensure a deep understanding of concepts, not just answers.

A learner’s learning journey is incomplete without assessments. VISTA’s Assessment for Learning aims to revolutionize how educators evaluate learners by leveraging efficient and unbiased AI. The tool conducts an initial assessment of the learners’ submitted assignments, providing educators with valuable insights for evaluation and guidance on the necessary course of action.

Current edtech trends indicate that contemporary learners often rely on videos for concept acquisition. The Check for Understanding tool enhances learners’ comprehension of video content by introducing guided learning through periodic checkpoints. These checkpoints include questions designed to improve focus and assess understanding, contributing to an enriched learning experience.

Empowering Educators for Tomorrow.

VISTA’s Teacher Aid serves as the digital confidant for educators. This tool equips educators with a top-notch digital arsenal, enabling them to recalibrate teaching strategies for the demands of a new era. The tool aids in lesson planning, resource identification, pedagogical insights, and more.


  1. How does your technology facilitate adaptive learning experiences for users?

Our learners’ first approach and commitment to education is realized through substantial investments in delivering hyper-personalized learning experiences. The ‘One Platform’ strategy guides our approach, emphasizing investments in assessing learner progress, setting personalized goals, and utilizing AI/ML for data-driven insights. Our platform integrates a CMS with a Knowledge Graph, fostering a dynamic learning environment. We employ a scientific methodology to assess progress, leveraging AI/ML for targeted focus areas based on current and past data. Adopting a Microservices Architecture enhances scalability and flexibility, ensuring a responsive and adaptive learning experience.


  1. How do you deliver educational content on your platform? Are there specific pedagogical approaches or learning methods incorporated into your technology?

Infinity Learn blends decades of offline expertise, pedagogical insights, and proven best practices of Sri Chaitanya into a powerful online platform. Designed with a strategic architecture, it optimizes learner performance for superior outcome. Embracing a ‘Mobile First’ approach, Infinity Learn delivers content seamlessly across various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, e-books, and smart TVs. Our adaptive online classes utilize platforms like Agora, Whereby, and Zoom, catering to diverse preferences and needs. The integration of a Content Management System (CMS) ensures a dynamic learning environment, centralizing content for a streamlined and engaging educational experience. In essence, Infinity Learn is a holistic and flexible educational ecosystem that seamlessly transitions the strengths of offline learning into the digital realm.


  1. Have you collaborated with other tech companies to enhance your platform? How do these partnerships contribute to the overall effectiveness of your technology?

As technology reshapes education, our commitment to innovation positions Infinity Learn as an EdTech leader. Our solutions cater to individual learners and empower educators, supported by strategic partnerships in cloud tech, live streaming, data management, AI/ML, Generative AI, and advanced analytics. These collaborations underscore our dedication to delivering cutting-edge, scalable, and secure EdTech solutions, shaping a brighter future for learners.

Key Collaborations:

AWS Collaboration for Cloud Excellence:

Deepening our ties with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we ensure a robust, scalable, and secure cloud foundation for our EdTech platform, aligning with a shared commitment to innovation and global accessibility.

Snowflake and FiveTran for DataLake Excellence and Advanced Analytics:

Leveraging Snowflake and FiveTran, our DataLake platform thrives in scalability and security, empowering learners, educators, and administrators with actionable insights and personalized learning experiences.

Live Streaming with Agora Inc.:

Partnering with Agora Inc., a leading real-time engagement platform, enables us to effortlessly scale online education nationwide through simple and hassle-free online classes via calls and live chats.

Niche Partnerships for Advanced Analytics, AI/ML, and Generative AI:

Our collaborations with niche partners and in-house capabilities position Infinity Learn as an innovator in educational technology, pushing the boundaries of AI-driven education for hyper-personalized learning experiences.


  1. What sets your edtech platform apart from others in the market?

Infinity Learn stands out uniquely amongst its peers in the EdTech landscape. Originating from the esteemed Sri Chaitanya Group, a powerhouse serving over 850,000 learners across K-12 schools, and backed by 38 years of expertise in grooming learners for challenging exams such as JEE and NEET. Presently, over 20% of learners enrolled in prestigious institutions such as IITs, NITs, and AIIMS have roots in Sri Chaitanya. Infinity Learn combines decades of offline experience, pedagogical insights, and proven best practices.

This amalgamation of offline wisdom has been meticulously incorporated into the Infinity Learn platform, making it a powerful and effective learning tool. Its architecture is strategically crafted to optimize learner performance, ensuring superior results with equivalent effort.

Consider, for instance, the innovative Create Your Own Test (CYOT) feature, a testament to our commitment to replicating successful offline methodologies. This feature empowers learners to tailor custom tests that focus on reinforcing weak areas, mirroring the targeted approach of providing additional practice in specific subjects where mistakes were made.

Furthermore, our platform incorporates Knowledge Graphs to map and track a learner’s progress, identifying and addressing any prerequisite topic that may contribute to underperformance. This sophisticated approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of each learner’s needs, offering a tailored learning experience.

In essence, Infinity Learn boasts a repository of hundreds of pedagogical best practices seamlessly integrated into the platform. Our mission is clear: to guide learners toward realizing their academic aspirations, securing admissions to their dream colleges through unparalleled preparation on our platform. Infinity Learn emphasizes that its focus goes beyond mere monetization.


  1. How do you plan to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving edtech landscape?

With our unwavering commitment to achieving results, we have been harnessing technology extensively. Whether through tailoring individual learning paths based on learner’s performance or employing AI to guide learners through every stage of their learning journey, we strategically deploy technology to address the age-old challenge of providing “quality education at an affordable cost.”

Backed by a high-caliber team impassioned by our mission, we continually refine our offerings based on feedback from over half a million learners who engage with our products.

Furthermore, the platform envisions making its AI-powered solution, VISTA, accessible to a broader audience by 2025. The goal is to welcome anyone interested in utilizing VISTA under specific terms. To support this vision, the EdTech firm plans to invest up to an additional $5 million in the AI project during FY24.