Revolutionizing Remote Work: The GoFloaters Journey and Future of Flexible Workspaces

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr SHYAM SUNDAR NAGARAJAN, CO-FOUNDER, GoFloaters


1) What inspired the creation of GoFloaters, especially in relation to catering to remote workers?

The genesis of GoFloaters germinated in the minds of founders Shyam Sundar Nagarajan and Srivatsan Padmanabhan as both were engaged in separate vocations. Shyam was piloting an InsureTech fledgling that necessitated daily arduous travel across the city and itinerant meetings. Coffee shops were the makeshift refuges then to expeditiously accomplish some tasks but these venues were neither suitable nor expedient.

Concurrently, Srivatsan was at the helm of another enterprise that comprised governance of independent professionals where freelancers articulated a paucity of sites that bolstered their productivity. When both convened in late 2017, they bartered their cogitations on experiences and hindrances encountered. That was the eureka moment for the conception of GoFloaters. Orthodox offices or procuring offices on lease may not be viable for remote employees and itinerant workers.

The notion of a floating office inspired the nomenclature of the brand – GoFloaters. The envisaging was to dismantle impediments for remote employees and enable distributed teams across cities to reserve spaces by the hour sans deposits or contracts.


2) How does your platform differentiate itself in the market, considering the increasing demand for remote work solutions?

GoFloaters chiefly serves remote enterprises or those corporations aiming to implement remote-first workflows. We assist remote teams and organizations by providing access to a countrywide network of office areas. Thus, their workforce can leverage this pan-India infrastructure.

Our vast network represents a prime differentiator. We span over 40+ Indian metropoles and cities. Additionally, our city-level networks are dispersed yet dense. Hence, professionals never lack suitable options whether dwelling in Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 urban centers. GoFloaters strives to furnish coworking solutions no more than a 5-minute commute from a client’s location.

Another differentiation lies in GoFloaters’ partnerships with major national coworking brands. This approach nourishes unconstrained mobility. Moreover, technology constitutes a key differentiator. Over the past 3.5 years, we have engineered a tech-enabled portal. It enables enterprises to track usage statistics, conduct behavioral analytics on teams, and extract other data guiding business decisions and corporate culture. A pay-per-use financial model facilitates access for additional organizations looking to use these services for flexible durations aligned with their needs.


3) What features or services does your platform offer that specifically target remote workers’ needs?

The GoFloaters platform promotes a vision for a unified pan-India coworking pass spanning all brands. Thus, professionals face no constraints related to location, brand preferences, workspace type, or amenities. Regarding remote teams, our platform boosts collaboration by enabling on-demand meeting room reservations. As distributed teams continue optimizing remote workflows, they capitalize on data-driven insights available on our dashboard. These inform policies on remote labor, hiring tactics, collaboration tools, and additional impactful decisions.

Thanks to the most extensive network availability, employees of certain client firms can even operate from plug-and-play offices in Tier 3 cities. Under our pay-per-use model for remote-first companies, clients not only make instant bookings but also receive continuous customer support and straightforward cancellations through the mobile application. Regardless of meeting purpose, duration, or venue, the GoFloaters support team prioritizes individual and team requirements to address them swiftly.


4) Could you share some success stories or testimonials from remote workers who have utilized your platform?

On Google Business, we boast over 150 reviews averaging 4.8 stars. Additionally, the GoFloaters Android app features over 10,000 downloads with a superb 4.7-star average rating. For years, numerous remote organizations and employees have expressed gratitude for our tailored services. We are privileged to have counted admired firms such as Chargebee, inFeedo, and Wingify among our clients. Moreover, these partners have furnished enthusiastic social media testimonials.


5) In what ways do you foresee the landscape of remote work evolving, and how does your platform plan to adapt to these changes?

The remote work landscape continues evolving. Companies just transitioning to distributed models have fundamental requirements like booking meeting rooms or temporary private spaces. However, some firms now utilize remote collaboration to boost team bonding and culture. Moreover, cutting-edge adopters organize local “micro-meets” or “coworking days” – experimenting to perfect the remote mix.

Currently, basic bookings meet many clients’ needs. But we’re enhancing inventory and product capabilities for more advanced future applications. As companies share feedback on specific remote work needs, we adapt accordingly.

The path ahead promises growing customization. While meeting day-to-day workspace requirements, we also aim to facilitate innovative cultural and productivity experiments. Companies are realizing unique benefits from well-implemented flexible location policies. We eagerly support this remote work maturation through ever-better tech tools and nationwide workspace access.