Rich Kardz: The Smart Digital Alternative to Paper Business Cards

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Abhishek Vyas, Founder, Rich Kardz


What is Rich Kardz, and what are the benefits of using it?

Rich Kardz is a digital business card that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It offers a modern alternative to traditional paper business cards. Rich Kardz makes it easy for professionals to store and share various information in a compact digital format by simply tapping the card on any NFC-enabled smartphone. This digital business card is more convenient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly compared to traditional paper business cards. With Rich Kardz, you can tap into any nearby phone and share information with people like clients, customers, business partners, or anyone else. It’s especially useful for working professionals or those in business who need to quickly share information. Rich Kardz is a revolutionary product in the modern business world, helping you connect better and enhance your professional networking game.


What is NFC technology, and how does it work?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it’s a technology that enables short-range communication between devices. NFC allows data transmission by bringing the digital business card close to an NFC-enabled device, typically a smartphone. The NFC chip embedded in the Rich Kardz and the NFC in smartphones facilitate data transfer when the card is tapped or placed near the phone.

How is an NFC-embedded Rich Kardz different from normal paper business cards?

The NFC-enabled Rich Kardz provides a modern solution to traditional paper business cards, which can easily get lost, misplaced, or stolen. Rich Kardz stands out from paper cards in several ways. Firstly, it eliminates the need for using multiple paper business cards, making it more convenient. You only need one NFC-enabled Rich Kardz, and you can effortlessly update your information on the card as needed. The digital format allows for storing unlimited information on a single card, and the cardholder can easily edit or update details. With NFC technology, data transfer becomes seamless by tapping the card to a smartphone, providing a more modern and efficient way of networking.


How do I use Rich Kardz?

Using Rich Kardz is very simple and easy. If you want to connect with someone, just tap your Rich Kardz against their smartphone, or they can scan the QR code on the card. This makes sharing information quick and easy. The digital dashboard that comes with Rich Kardz helps you store and update your details easily. This way, networking becomes convenient and efficient. You can also share your profile link through email or messages, and the other person can open it to access your contact details and get in touch with you.


What types of information can be stored in a Rich Kardz?

Rich Kardz allows users to store a wide range of information, including but not limited to name, email, phone number, photos, logos, videos, social profiles, and even payment methods and details. The digital format provides flexibility in storing diverse types of information, making it a versatile tool for networking and sharing relevant details with others.


Is Rich Kardz compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, Rich Kardz is designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Whether someone is using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, they can easily tap the Rich Kardz against their device or scan the QR code to initiate data transfer. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that Rich Kardz is accessible to a wide range of users.


Is it safe to use Rich Kardz?

Rich Kardz is the safest NFC business card on the market. Rich Kardz ensures that your card details are encrypted, protecting your information from unauthorised access. The NFC technology in Rich Kardz cards can be programmed to share specific information, adding an extra layer of privacy and security. However, it’s crucial to take appropriate precautions to ensure that the NFC chip is adequately encrypted or secured. This helps prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information, ensuring the safety of both devices and data.


How do I set up Rich Kardz and update the information?

Setting up Rich Kardz and updating information is a simple process. Ensure that the NFC option on your phone is enabled; if not, you can activate it in your phone settings. If your phone doesn’t have NFC, you can scan the QR code on your Rich Kardz. To begin, either tap the Rich Kardz on your mobile phone or scan the QR code to access the profile setup link. Once you tap or scan, the profile setup link opens, where you need to fill in details such as your name, phone number, company name, designation, email address, and more. Complete the required fields, including optional ones like alternate contact numbers, website links, and business-related details. Add your office location, pin code, and a Google Maps link for easy navigation. Include a profile image and banner image for a personalised touch. You can also add UPI payment details, social media handles, and other relevant information. Finally, accept the terms and conditions, click “Save and create profile,” and you’ll receive login credentials via email. Log in to your Rich Kardz account on the website using these credentials. After a successful login, you can see the number of taps, saved contacts, and other information on your dashboard. Now, you’re ready to tap and make valuable connections.