Transformative Insights: The Impact of AI and Automation in IT Services and Beyond

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Kunal Bhatt, Head – Automation, CMS IT Services


Artificial intelligence and automation have greatly impacted the IT services industry. What are your key takeaways from this development?

Automation influenced by AI and ML has impacted all industries and for IT Industry it has worked as a boon. The positive impact of it is seen in efficiency and skills, and this has improved the service quality and customer experience.

What are some of the unique ways in which CMS IT Services is adopting AI in its products?

We at CMS IT Services believe that better User (employee) Experience is critical for enhancing the Customer Experience and a mix of these elevated experiences shape the Brand Experience. Our focus is on using tools that make users independent, a chatbot infused with a self-help solution is one of the best bets. Proactive monitoring helps identify and arrest problems before they occur and with the help of self-heal and remote firing solutions users work seamlessly while the issues get addressed.

What are some of your insights on Cloud tech and challenges related to its installation?

The frontrunner here is the security challenge. Companies want to adopt cloud technologies as it frees up a lot of effort, but they have their challenges in selecting the * as a service, (SaaS /IaaS / PaaS /++). Another critical challenge is awareness of optimization using FINOPS and DEVOPS or DEVSECOPS.

In light of the current developments in automation, how will the workforce be affected?

There will certainly be an impact on the workforce but on the positive side. The use and adoption of AI & ML are going to make it very pivotal for its users to learn and tune to the Intelligent use of Automation, one who learns the intelligent ways of developing and using automation will be the Alphas.

What can you tell us about the changes or trends in customers’ requirements from IT services firms?

As mentioned earlier, the focus is on CX and BX, the use of intelligent omnichannel means of communication for user and customer interactions will certainly improve the CX. The attention span of all has shortened and this is very imperative for companies to be cognizant of while interacting with customers, be quick be responsive. More customized response means better customer experience.

You have worked in technical, techno-commercial and sales roles. What are your suggestions to young professionals regarding transitioning between roles?

It is simple, whatever role you are in, placing the customer first; the proof of your success is in the Voice of the Customer and his users.  In both technical and sales roles, if we understand the customer challenges/pain and think about what will benefit them best and based on these pointers curate the offerings.  This will take you home.

The transition between technical and sales roles is always interesting but not easy; as it challenges one to rejig the basics, one needs to unlearn a few and learn a few new. If you are game for it, the ground is yours