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After Ola Electric, EMotorad Announces Construction of World’s Biggest Integrated Electric Cycle Gigafactory

EMotorad, a growing player in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, is set to follow Ola as it expands its existing manufacturing unit in Pune. With this expansion, India will be home to two of the world’s biggest gigafactories: one for Ola Electric two-wheelers and the other for EMotorad e-cycles.

Fuelled by key sectors such as information technology, services, agriculture, and manufacturing, India is today the fifth-largest economy globally. Companies like Ola and EMotorad are seizing opportunities within the vast domestic market and leveraging a young, tech-adept workforce, leading to a surge in domestic manufacturing and export.

Spread across 2,40,000 sq ft in phase 1, EMotorad’s gigafactory will manufacture all giga components including the battery, motor, display, and charger, a critical component in EV production and a giant leap for the startup. With an initial production capacity of 500,000+ e-cycles each year, the gigafactory aims to meet the rising demand for alternative modes of transportation.

They incorporate Industry 4.0 standards, which are driven by smart manufacturing and the creation of intelligent factories. They are also gearing up to expand their product lineup by introducing an exciting array of electric vehicles. These state-of-the-art models developed on advanced Gen-2 platforms are a huge win for the EV landscape.

Speaking on the recent developments, Rajib Gangopadhyay, Founder & Corporate Strategist of EMotorad, says, “We’re fortunate to start EMotorad in this dynamic era where India’s economy is booming faster than ever. With steady growth, thriving international and domestic tie-ups, and catering to global demands, we are emerging as a very resilient powerhouse. EMotorad is turning out to be a proof that the capital invested towards building assets in a startup can still have the scale and growth of any VC-backed enterprise, and these strategic ventures will turn startups into generational businesses.”

The e-cycle gigafactory is being constructed in four phases. When phase one is completed, it will become South Asia’s biggest integrated e-cycle gigafactory and the biggest outside of China. Phase one, starting in August, focuses on giga component production, with subsequent phases expanding in-house manufacturing capabilities.

“India’s manufacturing sector is undergoing a unique metamorphosis. Expanding EMotorad’s very own gigafactory is propelled by factors such as technological advancements, automation, government initiatives, and more. This favourable business environment positions us as a dynamic hub of opportunities for both domestic and international investments. In the face of the climate crisis, gigafactories are leading the way for alternative mobilities, with India spearheading this transformative journey”, emphasises Sumedh Battewar, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer.

Funding from a recent series B round, with investors participating like Panthera Group, Xto10x, and former Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, fuels this expansion. The factory expansion was a strategic allocation of funds from the series B funding secured by EMotorad earlier this year.

EMotorad’s domestic growth hit 370% last year, maintaining a four-year streak. As India’s top e-cycle exporter, they’re eyeing global markets, particularly Europe and the US. With the launch of their cost-effective X-factor range and advanced drivetrain technology, EMotorad aims to dominate the domestic and international markets.

With EMotorad poised to showcase India’s prowess at some of the largest expos this year, including Eurobike in Frankfurt, Germany, in July 2024, the team has already begun preparations.


About EMotorad:

Launched in 2020, EMotorad (EM) is an electric vehicle company that provides E-cycles for adventure seekers, daily commuters, and casual riders. With its headquarters in Pune, its manufacturing unit has grown rapidly, and EMotorad now owns over 60% of India’s e-cycle market share. EMotorad is also one of the biggest exporters of e-cycles worldwide, customizing innovative e-cycles and accessories according to country-wise regulations.