Press Release

Autonom8 Launches India’s Most Advanced Digital Video KYC (vKYC) Platform

KYC is a key part of customer onboarding in banking, insurance, telecom, and several other verticals. Autonom8 expanded the capabilities of its hyperautomation platform to include advanced GenAI capabilities with A8Studio v3.0. With the addition of comprehensive Video KYC (vKYC) capabilities, Autonom8 addresses the critical need for streamlined customer compliance onboarding with the following features:

Autonom8 presents its latest innovation, tailored for Telcos, Banks, and NBFCs in India. The platform streamlines Identity Authentication, Fraud Detection, Seamless KYC Processes, and Powerful Back-End Management, promising efficiency and reliability.

Unified Interface and Effortless Integration

Autonom8 offers an all-in-one low-code platform enabled with seamless video and photo ID verification, eKYC and authentication, and can integrate with existing back-office workflows.

Wide Document Support, with Fraud Detection

Autonom8 supports various document formats (Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, Driving License, and Passport) for compliance requirements. It offers advanced fraud detection capabilities, powered by A8IQ insights with the A8Studio platform.

Empowering the entire Indian banking ecosystem

With a track record of handling millions of transactions per month, A8Studio’s KYC processing volume exceeds 50 lakh subscribers already within the BFSI landscape.

Commenting on the launch of the vKYC platform, Mr. Balakrishnan Kavikkal, CEO of Autonom8 said, “Autonom8 is proud to launch India’s most advanced digital Video KYC platform. With the increasing need for secure and efficient customer onboarding, A8Studio v3.0’s vKYC capabilities offer a comprehensive solution for Telcos, Banks, and NBFCs, empowering the Indian banking ecosystem to ensure unmatched efficiency and reliability.”

About Autonom8

Autonom8 is a GenAI-enabled low-code hyperautomation platform. The integration of Gen AI into our enterprise hyperautomation capabilities within A8Studio v3.0 marks a significant milestone and sets a new industry standard for speed and cost efficiency.