Press Release

Betterhalf launches 3D Real Immersive Tour feature to enhance customer experience in wedding venue selection

Betterhalf’s Real Immersive Tour will enable urban professionals to immerse in a top-notch wedding venue selection anywhere in India from the comfort of their homes.


Betterhalf – India’s leading Matrimony Super App and premier tech-enabled end-to-end wedding planning and fulfillment company has recently unveiled its dynamic feature, 3D Real Immersive Tour. Striving to enhance the wedding venue selection experience, Betterhalf has embedded Virtual Tour Technology to enable virtual venue tours and offer urban professionals a gateway into real-time venue exploration from the comfort of home.


Opulent venues have always secured a top place in Indian wedding preferences. However, during destination or inter-city weddings, the venue experience is usually fraught with discrepancies. In tandem, Betterhalf has integrated a virtual mapping tool to offer 3D tours of the venue, delivering the look, feel, and ethos of the venue with high diligence. Beyond just viewing, the selection experience integrated with virtual mapping closely connects users with the venue and blurs the lines between the physical visit and the virtual tour. Immersive videos often utilize technologies such as 360-degree video to create an environment where viewers feel like they are physically present in the scene. This innovative approach not only simplifies the decision-making process but also enhances the overall wedding planning experience, offering a seamless blend of technology and tradition.


Commenting on this remarkable launch, Rahul Namdev, Co-founder and CPTO of Betterhalf said, “Offering an eminent wedding experience has always been our priority, and every step of the way we’ve been committed to accomplishing the same. With the augment of AI technology, we are aiming to streamline and simplify the venue selection journey, delivering to-be-wed couples an opportunity to visualise their dream day beforehand.”


Mitigating the possibility of errors, particularly in relation to wedding venues, virtual mapping allows customers even to view the venue highlights, amenities, and facilities including seating capacity, parking, and rooms along with detailed information on both indoor and outdoor wedding setups. Ensuring that there is no possible error on a special day, it also offers assessment of the listed amenities and facilities, making sure that the wedding does not miss the mark on any possible fronts.


As part of the real immersive tour roadmap for wedding consumers, Betterhalf has successfully partnered with more than 30K wedding venues all over the country. This enables the platform to provide seamless service and further offer diverse customers venues that will tantalise their palette. Elevating wedding venue selection and decision-making to new heights, virtual mapping has opened doors to checking venue availability, with a dynamic calendar featuring auspicious dates, and high, low, and peak demand.


Furthermore, as part of the AI mapping-powered wedding venue experience, Betterhalf offers direct access to decision-makers, fast-tracking the booking experience. Formulated with an essence of valuing privacy, within the peripherals of Virtual Tour Technology, the platform also delivers expert assistance, from handling venue visits to finalising booking seamlessly. Additionally, it offers exclusive deals and discounts, assuring the guarantee of the lowest price.

Apart from Virtual Tour Technology, Betterhalf’s expert wedding planners specialise in offering stress-free execution, ensuring everything from the first venue visit to the last dance is memorable. Blending innovation with tradition, Betterhalf has executed more than 200 perfect wedding events, making an indelible mark on the wedding industry.