Press Release

Brigade REAP Mentored Smarter Dharma unveils SD+ for Integrated Sustainability Initiatives for Developers

Smarter Dharma has helped reduce more than 270,000 tonnes of carbon

Impacted more than thirteen million square feet of real estate

Smarter Dharma, a Brigade REAP mentored, bengaluru-based sustainability focused startup, has unveiled India’s first Sustainable Resource Planning platform: SD+. The platform comprises of a patented algorithm and machine learning which facilitates sustainability decision making right from the project’s conceptualization and design stage. It offers features like sustainability goal setting, cost benefit analysis, automated building certification pathways, and a sustainable solutions marketplace. Smarter Dharma has helped reduce more than 270,000 tonnes of carbon by enabling sustainable design choices and has impacted more than thirteen million square feet of real estate. SD+ empowers developers, builders, architects, and green consultants to make informed decisions and integrate sustainability into the core of their projects. The company plans to expand to major Indian cities this year, focusing more on regional needs.

“We are thrilled to introduce this platform to the market. We believe it will encourage all industry stakeholders to prioritize sustainability and aim for a sustainable urban future. Our goal is to reduce 1 billion tons of carbon emissions by helping the real estate industry incorporate sustainability on a large scale through data and technology-driven methods,” said Sriram Kuchimanchi, Founder of Smarter Dharma, an Ashoka Fellow and TEDx speaker.

“At Brigade REAP, we focus on identifying startups that can make a difference, not only to the real estate sector, but also in terms of urban-tech. We onboarded Smarter Dharma as part of ‘Cohort 4’ and have been mentoring them since. SD+ isn’t just a platform; it is a catalyst for change for the real estate sector. With sustainability at its core, it empowers stakeholders to shape a future where every decision counts towards a greener, smarter tomorrow” said Abhay Garg, Head and Chief Mentor, Brigade REAP,

About Smarter Dharma:

Smarter Dharma is a Bengaluru based sustainability startup decarbonising the Indian real estate industry, delivering sustainable and efficient infrastructure through data driven design, and solutions for decision making. Smarter Dharma’s SD+, is India’s First Sustainable Resource Planning Platform enabling developers, builders, architects, and engineers to integrate sustainable design into their projects and giving them complete end-to-end insights on environmental and financial outcomes of the projects. SD+ includes a vetted sustainable marketplace for the real estate industry, providing access to over 3000 sustainable solutions, services and consultants. Know more at