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Cloudflare Enters Multicloud Networking with Acquisition + New Product

Cloudflare has announced its entrance into the Multicloud Networking market with the launch of Magic Cloud Networking and the acquisition of Nefeli Networks – a multi-cloud networking (MCN) startup providing a unified network management layer for cloud infrastructure deployments.


Sharing more details on the launch and acquisition below:

  • Magic Cloud Networking:

    • Magic Cloud Networking is a simple, secure and scalable way for businesses to connect and secure their public cloud environments.

    • Magic Cloud Networking will allow customers to leverage Cloudflare’s global network in the SASE market, enabling customers to seamlessly discover, visualize, connect, and secure their cloud networking infrastructure – along with uniquely positioning Cloudflare as the one-stop-shop for customers looking to transform their network architecture.

  • Nefeli Networks Acquisition: The Integration of Nefeli’s technology with Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud allows Cloudflare to now combine cloud network orchestration with the scale of a global network in a unified platform  – positioning Cloudflare to help businesses discover, connect, and protect any private or public cloud environment seamlessly, while also further helping avoid public cloud lock-in.


You can find more about Magic Cloud Networking in the attached press release. For more details on the announcement, you can read the blog.


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