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CoinDCX Revolutionizes Digital Asset Transfers with Strategic Partnership with Mesh

CoinDCX, India’s leading and most valuable crypto exchange, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Mesh, a US based pioneering embedded finance solution. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital asset transfers and management within the Indian market, serving a vast user base of over 16 million individuals.

Through this collaboration, CoinDCX introduces seamless connectivity between centralized exchange accounts and DeFi wallets directly within the CoinDCX platform. This integration eliminates the complexities associated with digital asset deposits, offering users secure and effortless transactions without navigating away from the CoinDCX environment. With a single click, users can now transfer assets seamlessly, enhancing convenience and efficiency.


Sumit Gupta, Co-Founder of CoinDCX, expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its transformative potential. “The integration with Mesh is a game-changer for CoinDCX and our users,” Gupta stated. “Solutions like Mesh streamline the complexities of the crypto industry, significantly enhancing the usability factor for our platform.”

Bam Azizi, Co-Founder and CEO of Mesh, highlighted the importance of entering the Indian market alongside a leader like CoinDCX. “This partnership represents a massive opportunity to make digital asset management as seamless and efficient as possible,” Azizi commented. “We are thrilled about the impact this collaboration will have on one of the most dynamic and important markets.”

CoinDCX, India’s first crypto unicorn recognizes the significance of innovative partnerships in solidifying its leadership position. Mesh’s advanced API integration aligns perfectly with CoinDCX’s mission to simplify and enhance the digital asset management experience for users.

This collaboration underscores CoinDCX’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and fostering the growth of the Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem. As CoinDCX continues to empower users with seamless access to digital assets, partnerships like these play a pivotal role in driving innovation and accessibility in the market.

About CoinDCX

Established in 2018, CoinDCX is one of India’s largest and safest exchanges trusted by over 1.4 crore registered users. Our mission is simple: to provide easy access to Web3 experiences and democratize investments in virtual digital assets.


Being the first FIU-registered entity, we prioritize user safety and security, strictly adhering to KYC and AML guidelines. In our commitment to quality, we employ a stringent 7M Framework for listing crypto projects, ensuring users access only the safest digital assets.


Through CoinDCX Ventures, we have invested in over 15 innovative Web3 projects, reinforcing our dedication to the Web3 ecosystem. Our flagship educational initiative, #NamasteWeb3 empowers Indians with crypto knowledge, preparing them for the future of virtual digital assets. CoinDCX’s vision and potential have gained the confidence of global investors, including Pantera, Steadview Capital, Kingsway, Polychain Capital, B Capital Group, Bain Capital Ventures, Cadenza, Draper Dragon, Republic, Kindred and Coinbase Ventures.


At CoinDCX, we are leading India towards the decentralized future of Web3 with an unwavering commitment to safety, simplicity, and education.

About Mesh

Founded in 2020, Mesh aims to build an open, connected, and secure financial ecosystem. As a modern financial operating system, Mesh enables digital asset transfers, crypto payments, account aggregation, and trading within a unified platform. With over 300 integrations, Mesh is pioneering the creation of an embedded financial ecosystem that benefits both businesses and users. For more information, visit