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CrowdStrike Falcon for Defender Augments Security for Microsoft Defender Deployments

Falcon for Defender delivers OverWatch threat hunting and independent security validation, deploying alongside Microsoft Defender to stop missed attacks

CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: CRWD) today announced the launch of CrowdStrike Falcon® for Defender augmenting Microsoft Defender1 deployments to stop missed attacks. As part of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform, Falcon for Defender deploys alongside Microsoft, elevating the security posture of endpoints running Microsoft Defender.

For organizations relying on Microsoft Defender, managing complex policies, signature updates, and multiple consoles places significant operational burden on security teams. This complexity leads to protection gaps that adversaries seek to exploit. Falcon for Defender provides organizations with the visibility into threats that bypass Defender and the threat hunting required to stop breaches.

“Security professionals saddled with deploying Microsoft Defender through E3 and E5 licensing have long asked us for help. Falcon for Defender fills critical security gaps at a disruptive price point,” said Michael Sentonas, President at CrowdStrike. “Delivering visibility into missed threats and best-in-class threat hunting raises the cybersecurity bar. Falcon for Defender gives cybersecurity professionals the technology they want and need with the outcome they so desperately seek – stopping the breach.”

Rapidly deploying with no reboots and running silently alongside Microsoft, Falcon for Defender hardens defenses with:

  • Visibility into Missed Attacks: CrowdStrike’s proven AI-powered detections, enriched with industry-leading threat intelligence, identifies the threats that Microsoft Defender misses.
  • Falcon OverWatch 24×7 Threat Hunting: OverWatch combines human expertise with technology to detect and hunt anomalous activity that evades Microsoft Defender.
  • Surgical Response: Eradicate the most sophisticated threats directly from the Falcon platform.

For more information:

  • Get a demo at RSA, booth #N-6144
  • For organizations seeking Microsoft Defender augmentation, visit the Falcon for Defender product page.
  • For organizations looking to replace Microsoft Defender and use additional modules, visit the fully featured version of CrowdStrike Falcon.

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