Press Release

Dreamtime Learning sets a benchmark in 2023, creating Conscious Learning path for the Future of Education

~ Successfully onboarded 5000 learners and aims to double by 2024 ~

The company also expects to increase onboard 200 Partner Schools through it’s curriculum licensing model~

In a rapidly transforming world driven by technological evolution, evolving education techniques and emerging needs of the parents for future of their children, Dreamtime Learning emerges as a beacon of innovation, shaping the future of education. Dreamtime Learning, founded by the visionary Ms. Lina Ashar, Founder Emeritus of Billabong High and Kangaroo Kids School, has seen exceptional growth in 2023, demonstrating its dedication to improve education for future generations.


Dreamtime Learning successfully onboarded 5000 learners through its Online School, Micro School, and B2B Curriculum Licensing offerings, showcasing the effectiveness and versatility of its educational solutions. The company aims to expand and double its strength in the upcoming year, reinforcing its commitment to providing quality education. In its inaugural year, Dreamtime Learning showcased the effectiveness and acceptance of its innovative educational solutions. It has expanded with learner base from 20 countries and onboarded 50 Partner Schools and expects 10,000 learners by the end of 2024.


Giving a glimpse of 2023, Ms Lina Ashar, Founder of Dreamtime Learning, stated, “My aim is to bring the transformational model in education which boosts conscious learning and developing future-ready education. Dreamtime Learning adds an innovative realm to this force. We firmly believe in reshaping education and providing learners with a high-quality, real-world learning experience tailored to their interests, needs and choices. Education should be immersive, engaging, and inclusive, and our Dreamtime Learning is a one-stop solution leveraging the latest developments in educational technology. 2023 has been a remarkable year for the education ecosystem as many policies and reforms were framed favouring the sector. Understanding industry needs and requirements, we crafted Dreamtime Learning, which aligns with various concepts, boosting learners, educators and parents and creating a disruptive ecosystem. Dreamtime Learning is not just about learning; it’s about creating a future where individuals can discover, regulate, and master their unique path to success”.


The spectrum of Dreamtime Learning brings innovative educational offerings. The company started with an online school to tech-driven micro-school and community-based after-school programs and curriculum-based models free from franchise norms. Due to favourable responses from students and parents at Hyderabad Micro-hub, the company aims to expand micro-school reach to other academic hubs like Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Delhi. The company is solidifying its position as a transformative force in the education industry.


Mr Sudipta Saha (Sudip), Chief Business Officer, Dreamtime Learning added, “Heading the transformative journey at Dreamtime Learning, I am thrilled to witness the phenomenal growth and success we have achieved in our first year. Our unique approach to education, blending innovation and technology, has resonated well with learners, parents, and the education community. With this success, we aim to expand our reach to key academic hubs and introduce our pioneering educational solutions to a broader audience. Our commitment to personalized learning experiences, cutting-edge methodologies, and being at the forefront of educational trends positions us as leaders in the industry.”


Dreamtime Learning is committed to bridging the gap in education by prioritizing technological development and in-demand skills along with adapting to the latest trends and requirements. With a focus on experiential learning, personalized journeys, and cutting-edge technology, the company is poised to impact the future significantly.


Dreamtime Learning introduced its four pivotal pillars:

Dreamtime Learning School: The revolutionary online school, located in Mumbai, emphasizes a unique methodology centered on stimulating creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The school’s curriculum, combining digital and physical experiences, positions it as a leader in preparing students for the future.

Dreamtime Learning HubThe co-operative micro-school, with its first hub in Hyderabad, prioritizes personalized learning experiences for students aged 3 to 16. The high enrollment rate of 50% within a month of launch reflects strong interest in this innovative educational approach.

Dreamtime Learning Community: Offering after-school community courses like “Game Changers” and “Mavericks,” Dreamtime Learning Community focuses on critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning, challenging established norms to equip children for a rapidly changing future.

Powered By Dreamtime Learning:  The initiative ‘Powered by Dreamtime Learning’ introduces a customized curriculum tailored for future schools, emphasizing Brain & Behavioral Science, Entrepreneurial & Growth Mindset, and Social-Emotional Intelligence, free from franchise norms or additional costs.


About Dreamtime Learning:

Dreamtime Learning, the culmination of educational brilliance meticulously crafted by the visionary Lina Ashar, Founder Emeritus of Billabong High and Kangaroo Kids School, bringing with her three decades of profound educational expertise. The spectrum of Dreamtime Learning’s discovers innovative educational offerings, from their online school, to tech-driven micro-school and from community-based after-school programs to B2B preschool solutions.