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Haier celebrates its 20 years of innovating “In India, For India”, unveils its new vision of “More Creation, More Possibilities”

  • Strengthening its commitment of ‘Made in India, Made for India’, Haier India launched new products – range of OLED & QLED TVs, Super Heavy-Duty Air conditioner series, Vogue and smart convertible refrigerators, washer and dryer front load washing machine and more, expanding its offerings that will cater to the evolving needs of modern Indian homes
  • Haier India achieved 25% year-over-year CAGR in India and anticipates 35% growth in 2024

Haier Appliances India, the No.1 global major appliances brand for 15 consecutive years celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment in India. This significant milestone demonstrates Haier’s unwavering commitment to customer-inspired innovation and its dedication to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Made for India’. Adding to the celebrations, Haier India expanded its product offerings by launching range of OLED & QLED TVs, Super Heavy-Duty Air conditioner series, Kinouchi Black Air conditioner, Vogue and smart convertible refrigerators, washer and dryer front load washing machine, commercial refrigeration solutions and commercial air conditioners. Focused on empowering consumers through smart and intuitive products curated for Indian homes, Haier India also unveiled a range of smart innovations including Robo-vacuum cleaners, smart kitchen appliances, microwaves, water heaters and much more.

As a brand at the helm of innovation driven by the evolving consumer needs, Haier India unveiled its new vision through a new brand slogan, “More Creation, More Possibilities.” Refining customer experiences through best-in-class technology, the brand has always ensured to understand their pulse and stay ahead of the curve while offering innovative solutions that makes everyday life easier and smarter. Moreover, this rebranding represents Haier India’s focus towards nurturing growth, sparking innovation, and unlocking endless possibilities for its partners, dealers, customers, community, and employees. Additionally, the new vision is aligned with Haier’s impressive 25% year-over-year CAGR in India and its anticipated 35% growth in 2024.

With a focus on strengthening its position in consumer durable sector, Haier India has been investing in expanding its manufacturing capacity across the Greater Noida and Pune plant. A testimony of this is the inception of manufacturing of new range of commercial refrigerators, commercial Air conditioners and Kitchen appliances at its Pune plant. This strategic expansion reinforces the company’s commitment to ‘Make in India and Made for India.’

Commenting on Haier India’s 20th anniversary, Mr. NS Satish, President, Haier Appliances India, said, “Today is a historic moment for Haier India as we celebrate our 20th anniversary in India. We are extremely proud of this milestone as it reflects the support and deep connection we have with our customers, partners, and employees who have played a pivotal role in every step of our success. Throughout this journey, we have been driven by our commitment to customer-inspired innovation, dedication to ‘Make in India and Made for India’. As a responsible brand committed to the consumer and country, we have worked towards offering solutions that enhance the customer’s everyday life with convenience, comfort and are sustainable.”

He further added, “Moving our legacy forward it’s a moment filled with profound pride to unveil our new vision, ‘More Creation, More Possibilities’. This vision delves from our ongoing commitment to make our customer’s daily lives more efficient, convenient, and comfortable. Keeping this in mind, we are committed to strengthening our position in the industry ensuring that we exceed expectations and pioneer new horizons in the market”


Haier’s commitment to 20 Years of Excellence, Innovation and beyond:

Over the last 20 years, Haier India has transformed from a category leader to an ecosystem brand with products and services for every Indian household. Established in 2004, Haier entered the market offering expertise in 5 categories. Understanding the consumer pulse and their needs, Haier today has a wide range of product offerings under 11 categories including Refrigerators, Washing Machines, TVs, Air conditioners, water heaters, Robo-vacuum cleaners, deep freezer, microwaves, kitchen appliances, commercial refrigeration solutions and commercial air conditioners.

With a special focus on customer-inspired innovation, Haier India has launched several industry firsts including India’s first 3 Door Side-by-Side (SBS) refrigerator, Bottom Mounted Refrigerator (BMR), Glass door refrigerator, Self-Clean Inverter and Anti-scaling technology in Washing Machines, shock-proof technology in water heaters, self-cleaning in Air Conditioners, and India’s first-ever InstaJackets for Haier 2-door Side-by-Side and 3-door Side-by-Side, Bottom Mounted Refrigerator series.

Taking its commitment of Customer-Inspired innovation a step further, Haier India launched a range of new products including:

Haier’s Smart QLED Series S800 QT: Designed to elevate the home entertainment experience, the S800 QT is available in 65″ and 55″ variants. With quantum dot technology at its core, the S800 QT series delivers an exceptional spectrum of colors, incredibly lifelike visuals, and unmatched clarity. This revolutionary series seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with a visually captivating look, aiming to immerse consumers in an unparalleled cinematic journey from the comfort of their homes.

Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners: The latest lineup of Super Heavy-Duty air conditioners features Supersonic cooling and Hexa Inverter technology that enables 65% energy savings and 20X faster cooling for quick relief in 10 seconds. Haier Super Heavy-Duty AC series is equipped to deliver powerful performance with the supercooling feature and comfort control with Intelli Smart features and Haier Smart App.

Kinouchi Air Conditioner Black Edition with Premium Design: This new model is specifically designed with the aesthetic preferences of Indian families in mind, emphasizing a premium lifestyle. The premium finish of the new Haier Kinouchi AC in ‘Black’ ideal for modern families who want their homes to make a stylish statement.

Vogue Refrigerator Series: Haier India introduced a refreshing twist to the world of refrigeration, allowing homeowners to make a bold statement in their kitchen while enjoying exceptional performance and reliability. The Vogue Series allows customers to choose from a variety of colors and designs under the 2-door convertible, 3-door convertible, side-by-side, and top-mount and bottom mount refrigerators. Whether it’s a sleek black finish, a vibrant red hue, or a classic stainless-steel look, the Vogue Series ensures that homeowners can find the perfect refrigerator to complement their kitchen décor.

Wifi Convertible Refrigerators: Staying ahead of curve and helping consumers become future ready, Haier India launched a new range of premium smart convertible refrigerators customised to serve the modern Indian home needs. Available in 2 door side by side, 3 door side by side and 4 door side by side, customers now have access to larger storage space to keep their food, vegetables and fruits fresh at the ideal temperature remotely with the tap of a button.

Commercial Refrigeration:  Focused on catering to all cooling needs, Haier India announced the launch of an extensive range of commercial refrigeration solutions including under-counter and reach-in refrigerators, dessert counters, large-size visi coolers up to 1050 liters, and the aesthetically pleasing Pro series water dispenser. Haier has ventured into the rapidly growing Horeca segment along with the bakery and dessert shop industries, aiming to be the ultimate one-stop solution for customers.

Making India a hub for manufacturing:

Haier established its first manufacturing plant in Pune in 2007 and a second plant in Greater Noida in 2022. This commitment to local manufacturing has led to remarkable growth, with Haier producing 9 million products annually. The brand’s state-of-the-art facilities in Greater Noida and Pune annually manufacture 1 million air conditioners, 1.5 million washing machines, and 3 million refrigerators, contributing significantly to India’s economic development.


Retail ecosystem:

In the last 2 decades, Haier India has forged strong partnerships with distributors, retailers, and e-commerce platforms to expand its distribution network and reach customers. Haier India has a vast network of 30,000+ sales touchpoints across the country. With an omni-channel presence, Haier India is providing extraordinary customer experience through its stores as well as through e-commerce platforms. Showroom experience, sale, experience and more

As Haier India celebrates the 20-year milestone, it looks forward to strengthening its legacy of excellence in the country. The company is excited to embark on the next phase of its journey, with its renewed vision of “More Creation, More Possibilities,” signifying its dedication to the customer, community, and country to continue redefining the future of home appliances across the nation.