Press Release

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya becomes the Youngest EdTech to reclaim the ‘Great Place To Work’ Certification in 2024

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, India’s only Hybrid Learning platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale, proudly announces the reacquisition of the prestigious Great Place To Work® Certification™ for the year 2024. This Certification reaffirms its position as the youngest K-12 EdTech brand, dedicated to revolutionizing the educational landscape while reflecting its commitment to redefining and building an exceptional workplace environment.

This year’s Certification holds special significance for the brand as it signifies its ability to uphold its cherished workplace culture despite significant growth in its employee base. The journey of Infinity Learn has been marked by continuous expansion, with its recognition by Great Place To Work evolving from the ‘Mid-Size Organizations’ category in 2022 to the ‘Large Organizations’ category this year. This transition marks a noteworthy milestone in the company’s trajectory. Despite its workforce surpassing the 1000+ employee mark since its last Certification, it has successfully preserved its unique workplace ethos without losing focus from ‘Baccha Seekha ki Nahi’.

Infinity Learn prides itself on a robust cultural framework, meticulously crafted around several key components. At its core lies a profound clarity of goals, meticulously delineated at both company and individual levels, fostering alignment and empowerment. Embracing a culture of perpetual growth and innovation, Infinity Learn thrives on dynamic adaptation and forward-thinking initiatives. The company upholds fair and objective processes and policies, ensuring transparency and equity in all endeavors. Moreover, it champions work flexibility and abundant learning opportunities, nurturing a dynamic environment where creativity flourishes. Complementing this ethos is an unwavering focus on the wellbeing of individuals, recognizing that their welfare is integral to collective success. It is through the concerted effort towards these facets that Infinity Learn has rightfully earned recognition as a Great Place To Work.

Team members actively participated in an independently conducted survey for the Great Place To Work Certification, with an impressive 73% of employees affirming Infinity Learn as one of the premier workplaces in the country. The survey findings underscored overwhelmingly positive sentiments regarding the cultural framework established by the hybrid learning platform, indicating that employees believe it serves as a catalyst for innovation, creativity, transparency, employee well-being and development, instilling a profound sense of pride in being part of Infinity Learn and its enduring legacy of Sri Chaitanya.

Celebrating the achievement, Sushma Boppana, Co-founder of Infinity Learn and Academic Director of Sri Chaitanya Group, said, “Its a momentous occasion for us, as this testifies to the fact that as we grow, our employees share the same vision, trust in us, and march towards achieving the same goal. Our goal of offering quality yet affordable education to 50 million learners and 1 million paid learners on our platform by 2025, to reach IIT JEE, NEET, and CUET aspirants across the length and breadth of the country, would never be possible without the right synergy in our team. The fact that we have been India’s youngest K-12 EdTech brand to be awarded this certification characterizes the dedication and passion within our team, affirming that we are on the right track.”


“In reclaiming the esteemed ‘Great Place To Work’ Certification for 2024, Infinity Learn proudly stands as a beacon of excellence,” expressed Ujjwal Singh, Founding CEO, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya. “Our steadfast dedication to prioritizing our employees is driven by our belief that happy employees foster successful achievers. We’re committed to fostering a culture of transparency, innovation, well-being and equal opportunity for all our employees. This milestone owes its existence to our dedicated employees who tirelessly work towards empowering our learners every day. Their unwavering trust, support, and dedication serve as the cornerstone of this remarkable feat. As we endeavor to lead India’s K-12 EdTech landscape, this certification underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and thriving workplace environment for all,” he added.


‘Great Place To Work’ is the leading global authority on fostering High-Trust, High-Performance cultures in workplaces. This Certification serves as a validation of Infinity Learn’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of workplace excellence, leadership, and employee experience. With a powerful team, the brand remains steadfast in its mission to becoming the leader in Tier 1 college admissions by 2027.