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International Women’s Day: Celebrate Powerful Stories, Enduring Change on Khul Ke’s RoundTable

This International Women’s Day, Khul Ke, an innovative homegrown Indian social networking platform dedicated to catering meaningful conversations, is breaking barriers and igniting change with a powerhouse line-up of Padma Shree Awardee Women interviews. Khul Ke encourages women to celebrate their achievements and draws inspiration from the remarkable stories of these trailblazing women.

Highlighting the campaign’s essence, the RoundTable video teasers capture the movement’s core spirit. The phrase “Celebrate International Women’s Day with Khul Ke” serves as a rallying cry, inviting individuals to partake in the global celebration of womanhood. “Join The Celebration Of Women Achievers on Khul Ke” invites virtual gathering honoring extraordinary women who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success.

Among the esteemed guests featured in the RoundTable videos are Deepa Malik, Usha Chaumar, Prakash Kaur, Dr. Sukama Acharya, and Jamuna Tudu. Each of these phenomenal women shared their empowering journeys, inspiring countless others along the way. The narratives of these women eloquently exemplify “Breaking Barriers, showcasing Self-Reliance, and Inspiring Change,” underscoring the central theme of the campaign: challenging norms and nurturing positive transformation.

Reflecting on her journey, Deepa Malik remarked, “Nothing is impossible if you can convey to others that it can be done. If I can become a Padma Shree at 40 years, then anyone can do anything.”

Usha Chaumar, President of Sulabh International, touched hearts with her poignant statement: “My daughters say that if you were not in the tunnel, then I would also have to do the same work.”

Prakash Kaur, the Founder of Unique Home in Jalandhar, emphasized the importance of shifting mindsets, stating, “We all should adopt this thinking. We should change the way we think.”

Khul Ke’s International Women’s Day campaign serves as a beacon of empowerment, uniting individuals from all walks of life to celebrate and uplift women globally. Join the movement, be inspired, and make a difference this International Women’s Day with Khul Ke.

About Khul Ke:

Khul Ke is an India-centric, meaningful conversation platform, designed to give users a 360-degree approach to discussing topics of their interests with complete freedom. Khul Ke, a homegrown social networking platform aims to be a medium where the people of India can come together, share their views, and have an open conversation in an era where social media can bring tremendous change and be an instrument for participative democracy.

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