Press Release

Introducing HEXA :  India’s First and Only Multilingual AI Voicebot

Haloocom has unveiled Hexa, an innovative AI voicebot designed to revolutionise customer service for businesses across diverse Indian demographics. Hexa is capable of understanding and responding in six major Indian languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and English.


Indian customers often face challenges such as language barriers, extended wait times, and impersonal phone support interactions. Hexa addresses these issues by providing instantaneous support in customers’ preferred languages, eliminating the need for translation or waiting for bilingual agents. Operating 24/7, Hexa ensures consistent support regardless of time zones or agent availability, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience and satisfaction.


India’s linguistic diversity, with 22 official languages and numerous regional dialects, is embraced by Hexa. The AI voicebot goes beyond keyword matching, understanding the intent and sentiment behind each query, including emotions and nuanced language expressions. Trained on a vast dataset of speech samples, Hexa navigates dialects and accents with ease, comprehending diverse pronunciations and regional variations.


Hexa empowers businesses with a contact centre solution featuring supercharged agent productivity, handling routine inquiries and allowing agents to focus on complex issues. The AI also provides actionable customer insights by analysing interactions and refining customer service strategies. Integrating seamlessly with various communication channels ensures a consistent customer experience across platforms.

The cutting-edge AI technologies powering Hexa include Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for accurate speech-to-text conversion, Text-to-Speech (TTS) for natural-sounding responses, and Voice Biometrics/Verification for data security and privacy during sensitive transactions.


The esteemed chief guests for the event were Dr. Anirudh Sridhar, the Dean of Thought Leadership in the Department of Language and Literature at Alliance University, and Dr. Gaurav Vishnu Londhe, an Associate Professor at the College of Engineering and Design, also at Alliance University.


During his keynote address, Mr. Levis Wilson, CEO at Haloocom delineated the evolutionary trajectory of AI, categorising Hexa’s current position within the initial stage where associated risks are comparatively mitigated. However, he prognosticated a forthcoming transition into the third stage within the subsequent 2-3 years, underscoring the dearth of comprehensive global frameworks for machine management at that juncture. Mr. Wilson espoused the democratisation of AI, questioning the hegemony of its utilisation solely by large corporations. He articulated his commitment to rendering AI accessible to Indian SMEs and extensive unorganised sectors, aiming to catalyse India’s future trajectory significantly. Emphasising the pivotal attributes of versatility, locality, self-learning, and multilingual proficiency, Mr. Wilson heralded the advent of agent-less centres as the impending paradigm in customer service.


Haloocom envisions expanding Hexa’s capabilities by integrating prominent global languages such as Swahili, Setswana, Tok Pisin, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Chinese in future releases. Possibilities are limitless. The commitment to continuous learning and evolution ensures that Hexa will refine its accuracy and understanding over time.