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Nucleus Software Maintains Resilient Growth Stance with Robust Product Offerings in Q3 FY 2023-24

Key Highlights of the Q3 FY 2023-24


  • Revenues in Q3 FY 2023-24 at Rs. 204.1 Crores on a consolidated basis.
  • EBIDTA in Q3 FY 2023-24 at Rs. 47.4 Crores on a consolidated basis.
  • PAT in Q3 FY 2023-24 at Rs. 41.3 Crores on a consolidated basis.


Nucleus Software, the BSE & NSE listed, India’s leading provider of lending and transaction banking solutions to the global financial services industry, announced its financial results on February 13, 2024, for the third quarter ended on December 31, 2023.

The revenues on a consolidated basis are at Rs. 204.1 Crore for the quarter ended 31st December 2023 as against Rs. 169.3 Crore in Q3 of FY 2022-23. The PAT on a consolidated basis is at Rs. 41.3 Crore, as against Rs. 38.3 Crore in Q3 of FY 2022-23. PAT on a standalone basis is at Rs. 40.5 Crore, as against Rs. 38.6 Crore in Q3 of FY 2022-23. The EPS on a consolidated basis during this period is at Rs. 15.43 as against Rs. 14.32 in Q3 of FY 2022-23. The EPS on a standalone basis during this period is at Rs. 15.12 as against Rs. 14.40 in Q3 of FY 2022-23.

“In the third quarter, our unwavering commitment to excellence continues to drive remarkable value for our esteemed customers. Our persistent focus on Robust platforms to seamlessly handle the evolving demands of global financial institutions has solidified our position as leaders in the lending and transactional banking technology space. With an innovative team of skilled professionals delivering global excellence, we ensure the utmost security and accountability for every transaction—a cornerstone of our operations. Through cutting-edge IP products, we empower our clients to navigate the increasingly digitized BFSI landscape. By embracing a groundbreaking shift in adopting Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) moving in the direction of continuous integration and eventually continuous delivery (CICD), Nucleus Software has Revolutionized Software Development, Setting New Industry Standards in the Fintech Space shaping the future of financial services. Our unwavering focus remains on delivering innovative, robust, digitized solutions with seamless operations, and fulfilling end-user demands while democratizing global access to financial services.”, says Mr. Vishnu R Dusad, MD, Nucleus SoftwareTop of Form

At Nucleus Software, our focus is on delivering significant value and innovative technology products and platforms that enable complete digitization with robust operations, zero downtime and easy scalability. We understand the diverse demands of the BFSI industry and prioritize customer requirements above all else. Our commitment lies in providing cutting-edge technology; With the adoption of ATDD and CICD we aim to redefine software development methodologies by reducing the release cycle by 40% while ensuring seamless alignment between software solutions and end-user requirements. With 520+ homegrown APIs we ensure all our customers have seamless and secure access to the ever-evolving financial ecosystem. We are dedicated to enhancing customer experience and expanding our global footprint in the forthcoming quarter.

“These are very exciting times for the financial solutions industry in India. Today’s world is moving at a hyper pace. Customers are looking for hyper personalization, they have infinite options, they want services quick & instant, they are tech savvy, active 24/7, and command services on their fingertips. Financial institutions have to be agile, robust to deliver and to keep up with the pace of changing technologies. Everyone is rushing towards hyper innovation, so that they can launch new products & services quickly & easily.  Like never before, financial institutions feel the burning need to anticipate user needs, analyze millions of data points and be the first to reach out to customers with innovative product offerings. Through in-depth BFSI domain expertise and strategic initiatives like AI integration, Data Analytics, Cloud Services, we continue to drive excellence and fulfill the evolving customer needs, while ensuring that the integrity and robustness of the system is not even remotely allowed to get compromised.”, says Mr. Parag Bhise, CEO, Nucleus Software.


About Nucleus Software

Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. Is a publicly traded (BSE: 531209, NSE: NUCLEUS), software product company that provides lending and transaction banking products to global financial leaders.

Nucleus Software powers the operations of 200+ Financial Institutions in 50+ countries, supporting retail and corporate lending, cash management, mobile and internet banking. Its products facilitate 26+ million transactions per day, managing over US $500 billion+ in loans and enabling 500,000+ daily users.

Nucleus Software’s flagship products, built on the latest technology are:

  • FinnOne NeoTM: The next-generation digital lending solution that is built on an advanced technology platform.
  • FinnAxiaTM: An integrated global transaction banking solution used by banks worldwide.
  • PaySeTM: The world’s first online & offline digital payment solution created with an aim to democratize money.