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Oakter Launches OAKMETER, A Revolutionary Smart Meter for Efficient Energy Management

OAKMETER is a high-quality Smart Meter that meets stringent quality standards, including BIS (ISI Mark as per IS16444 standard), CE Certified, RoHS, CBIP 325 Certified for Tamper Protection, CMMI level 3 certified, and ISO compliant

Oakter, a leading provider of innovative consumer electronics has announced the launch of OAKMETER, a state-of-the-art Smart Energy Meter designed to revolutionize energy consumption management. 

Unlike traditional meters, Oakter’s Smart Meter employs advanced technologies such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure, real-time data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. This enables two-way communication with the utility’s server via internet connectivity, facilitating seamless detection of tampering, real-time data transmission at intervals as frequent as every 15 or 30 minutes, outage identification and visibility of energy consumption on mobile devices. These features result in reduced manual intervention, increased operational efficiency, minimized error, and substantial cost savings for both consumers and utilities.

Commenting on the idea behind making this Smart Meter, Mr. Shishir Gupta, CEO of Oakter commented, “Sustainable energy is a primary need for our planet in current times. While India’s current capacity to produce more electricity than total demand is a positive development, coupled with the increasing deployment of renewable energy, there is still progress to be made. The big issue right now is losses in distribution, which can be attributed to power thefts, corruption, and inefficient infrastructure. Smart Meters are the solutions to this problem by providing real-time visibility of distribution and consumption across the country. Hence the Indian government has launched the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) to replace all energy meters with smart energy meters. Oakter’s competence in development and manufacturing of smart IoT devices is perfectly suited to manufacture high-quality smart energy meters in large quantities. Therefore, we have set up a manufacturing unit to produce 10 Lac Smart Energy Meters per Month. We have made these investments and built these capacities to support the government initiative and mandate given to private industry.”

Oakter’s Smart Meters have undergone rigorous testing in the company’s NABL certified lab to ensure peak functionality, surpassing the accuracy of traditional Class 1 meters. Designed to meet the specifications of all utilities across the country, these meters leverage Oakter’s expertise in deploying over 2 crore IoT devices in the market. With 4G connectivity, low latency, and optimized communication protocols, Oakter has set a new standard in smart meter technology.

OAKMETER is a high-quality Smart Meter that meets stringent quality standards, including BIS (ISI Mark as per IS16444 standard), CE Certified, RoHS, CBIP 325 Certified for Tamper Protection, CMMI level 3 certified, and ISO compliant.

OAKMETER is a business-to-business (B2B) product supplied directly to utilities, with Oakter providing a 10-year warranty on all products. The typical contract for Smart Meters includes installation, support, and finance based on the DBFOOT (Design-Build Finance-Own-Operate-Transfer) Model, with contracts awarded at INR 8K to 10K per meter. With the launch of this product, Oakter reinforces its commitment to revolutionizing the consumer electronics space, offering a diverse range of products tailored for the Indian market.

About Oakter:

Established in 2015, Oakter is the brainchild of Riot Labz Pvt Ltd., offering innovative consumer electronics tailored specifically for the Indian market. Committed to delivering top-quality products at competitive prices, Oakter has swiftly become a trusted name among consumers seeking reliable and innovative solutions for their everyday needs. Notable milestones include being the first Indian IoT brand to collaborate with tech giants like Alexa and Google, introducing the groundbreaking Smart WiFi Universal Remote Controller, which quickly reached sales of over 10 lakh units within two years. In addition, Oakter manufactures Smart IoT WiFi Plugs with voice control capabilities, initially launched as part of a smart home automation kit and later integrated into Sony TVs BRAVIA through their first B2B deal. Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Oakter partnered with DRDO to produce the Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, addressing the critical need for hygiene and safety during these times. Continuing its tradition of innovation, Oakter launched the Mini UPS which ensures uninterrupted power backup for Wi-Fi networks, catering to the demands of the work-from-home culture. Recently, Oakter introduced their Induction Top, boasting features such as Power-Saving Mode and Auto Shutdown to streamline cooking processes, making them smarter, easier, and more efficient. All Oakter products are readily available on leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and their official website, as well as through retail partners like JIO Mart and Reliance. To know more please visit: