Press Release

Rakuten SixthSense Empowers Businesses with New Data Observability Platform

  • AI-powered solution ensures data reliability, availability, and accuracy for improved operational efficiency and smarter decision-making

Rakuten SixthSense, the premier B2B technology products division of the Japanese Rakuten Group (renowned globally as the third-largest e-commerce platform with 76 businesses in 30 countries), proudly announces the launch of Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability. This addition to its SaaS portfolio marks a significant advancement in empowering businesses with unmatched visibility and control over data pipelines. Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability ensures real-time data reliability, availability, and accuracy, thereby enhancing efficiency and pioneering new standards of operational excellence.

In today’s era of rapid digital expansion, businesses worldwide face formidable challenges posed by the escalating volume, speed, and diversity of data. As organizations increasingly pivot towards data-driven decision-making, the need to manage complex data pipelines while preserving data integrity becomes paramount. Traditional monitoring methods often fall short, leaving companies grappling with blind spots and unreliable information, leading to consequences ranging from data inaccuracies and biases to compliance breaches and compromised customer trust.

Recognizing the urgent need for transformative enterprise solutions, Rakuten SixthSense developed Data Observability, leveraging third-generation artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models. This innovative platform provides organizations with unparalleled insights across data ecosystems by comprehending, monitoring and analyzing data pipelines in real-time. Key benefits of Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability include:

  • Eliminate Data Blind Spots: Identify and rectify inefficiencies faster with real-time monitoring, ensuring clean data fuels informed decision-making.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Go beyond basic analytics with AI-powered insights, uncovering hidden patterns and user insights for predictive intelligence.
  • Proactive Error Resolution: Automatically pinpoint the root cause of issues with advanced correlation, saving valuable time and resources by pre-emptively tackling errors.
  • Boost Efficiency: Minimize rework and streamline workflows through automation, freeing teams for strategic initiatives.
  • Full Data Lineage Tracking: Gain complete visibility into your data journey, enabling swift problem identification and resolution.

Commenting on the new platform, Amit Srivastava – General Manager of Rakuten SixthSense said, “In a data-driven world, blind trust is a luxury businesses cannot afford. That is why we developed Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability – an AI-driven platform that gives you a crystal-clear view of your data, proactively identifying and resolving issues before they disrupt user experiences and impact your bottom line. That’s the power of data done right, and that’s what Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability delivers.”

Sunil Gopinath, CEO of Rakuten India, expressed, “With Rakuten Group’s diverse business ecosystem, we intimately understand the profound challenges enterprises face in managing vast streams of data. Whether it’s mitigating customer churn due to data downtime or avoiding costly missteps, we comprehend the stakes. We are excited to introduce Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability, empowering enterprises with reliability and efficiency across their data ecosystems.”

He further elaborates, “Our solutions transcend traditional boundaries, encompassing the entirety of the IT landscape. This involves recognizing the significance of not only infrastructure or applications but also the pivotal components of data and security. Through continuous enrichment of our AI-powered platform, we aim to address the evolving challenges of tomorrow holistically. Rakuten SixthSense Data Observability stands as a beacon of innovation in this field, and we hold great optimism for its impact, both in India and globally.”

About Rakuten SixthSense

Launched in 2021, Rakuten SixthSense is the premier B2B technology products arm of Japanese conglomerate Rakuten Group- the world’s third largest e-commerce platform with over 1 billion users and 76+ global businesses in over 30 countries. Rakuten SixthSense is the most advanced and comprehensive full-stack observability, data observability and AIOps platform designed for SREs. Our mission is to re-imagine how software runs, so you can graduate from reacting to web-scale challenges to proactively solving for them. Harness unified end-to-end visibility of your application ecosystem for improved MTTR & MTTD, measurable reduction in operational costs and faster TTM. It’s innovation, made easy.